Downtown veterinary associates

282 first street
Jersey city, NJ 07302

User Reviews (5)

  • 1. Convenience first

    by: Bettina8

    I love the fact that you can just walk in. That's great for emergencies or general care, but for specific problems it is somewhat difficult to get the same doctor who treated the pet before. The doctors do get back to you promptly, if you have questions. Now the downside...while this is a great vet (on the whole), they are pretty expensive. Every time I end up here, it seems to be even more expensive than my own doctor.


    Walk-ins, Very Friendly Staff, Great location


    Expensive to very

  • 2. Hit or Miss

    by: Roonius

    My experience is hit or miss here. I call ahead to find out which vets are on the schedule since I was burned once by a guy I think may have only been a vet tech scolding me for asking to get a prescription for my dog's meds. I could have done without the lecture, since getting those meds through them was pricier.


    No Appointment Needed


    No Regular Staff

  • 3. Always a Pleasure

    by: KatrinS

    Wonderful and caring staff that helped see my cat through a bladder stone. Surgery, post care, and follow-up visits were all exceptional.


    No appointment needed, extended hours


    Can be a long wait on Saturdays

  • 4. Not so keen on them

    by: Krochalk

    Unlike the other reviews, I find that not needing an appointment is a pain. I like appointments because I want to see particular vets who know my cats. I also show up on time and call if I need to cancel.\n\nI went here two or three times and saw different doctors. The first time went well but the follow ups annoyed me so much that I now drive 40 minutes to see a vet.\n\nWhen I called to see if a particular vet was in, I was told he was just to find out that, after I arrived, he was in... in surgery, that is, for the past 30 minutes and would be doing the same for the next 30 to 45 minutes. Why didn't the person tell me this on the phone? I wasted my time and stressed out the cat by going.\n\n\n


    Very close to home


    No appointments taken

  • 5. great staff

    by: sajc

    I have brought my first dog to this place for all of her care. They have really helped me out as a new dog owner. I like the fact that you do not need to have an appointment and you can just walk in. I have never had to wait too long. When we come in, my dog gets really excited - and everyone there seems to be happy to see her and to give her some attention. \r\n\r\nOnly once have I had any sort of real medical issue when Dinah got a parasite from swimming. They were so good about explaining exactly what I needed to do and how to give her the pills. Really could not say enough about how nice the staff was. \r\n\r\nI have nothing to compare it to, but it seems a bit expensive. I have friends who use other vets in JC and they say this place is a little high.


    really helpful staff, good hours


    seem a bit expensive