Downtown Animal Care Foundation

1041 Galapago Street
Denver, CO 80204

User Reviews (3)

  • 1. DO NOT GO HERE!

    by: fleurf

    DO NOT GO HERE! I was a loyal customer to this vet clinic for years, and should have realized that they do not have a high standard of care. My first issue occurred about a year ago when my dog had surgery to have a tumor removed. When I brought her back to have her staples removed, they left 2 in there which got infected! I went back and they gave me attitude about me removing them myself (which I had to do since pus was squirting out), and then made me pay for the new course of antibiotics she needed for that! The second issue was way worse. My dog (same one as above) is diabetic, and they changed her dosage from 20 units once a day to 25 units twice a day, which is a huge increase! My dog ended up going into a diabetic coma and had numerous seizures, all as a result of the cumulative effects of this increase in dosage. I almost lost her, and she is not the same since then, not to mention the fact that I now have $3,000 in vet bills due to their negligence. I went to speak to the owner about this, and he was extremely rude to me and said if I was going legal with this, he had nothing more to say to me and slammed the door in my face! I have students that were vet techs at this place and they told me they quit because they were so disgusted with what goes on there. They said they do surgery in flip flops- which is NOT STERILE! Do not go to this clinic- you could save your pet's life!!





  • 2. I love PPH

    by: Zoethepirate

    These people did such a kind job for a sick cat and a neuter for one of my kitties. They are a great vet.


    So nice and affordable


    None, really


    by: mb303

    Whenever I need vet services, I use Planned Pethood. I have always received cureous, knowledgable services there. They charge a very reasonable sum for their professional services (about 1/2 of what other area vets charge).\r\nThey have been wonderful about treating my felines, as well as clear in educating me about care/med administration and/or other issues. \r\nVaccination clinics are a big plus!


    open Sunday, low-cost, very caring, deal well with my non-cooperative cat


    not a lot of close-in parking to carry my pet carriers in.