Dorothy's poodle salon

1427 west houston street
Sherman, TX 75092
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User Reviews (1)

  • 1. Decieved

    by: ztT4MP11445378

    I never do this to people, I have a pretty long fuse but this inconsideration so upset me, this is my premiere caustic review… \r\n\r\nThink twice before using this service… This is no way to do business nor treat people nor animals…\r\n\r\nI took my dog to Dorothy’s to have her summer shave, I called to see if she was ready and the proprietor, Russel Schultz said he was just getting started on her and for me to try back in a half hour. It was first come, first serve on Saturday, and told she’d be ready by 1:30pm. No where during any conversation, did he state when he would close, nor did he make any effort to notify me that he was closing, thus after arriving at 2:30 I found the doors locked, the shop closed. His door sign said he was closed for the next two days. I was livid, that someone would do that to somone’s pet knowing full well how we care for our furry children. My dog is a rescue animal and not the type to handle the sense of abandonment in a squat little cage. After unsuccessfully trying some neighboring businesses to find the owner’s contact info, I had to return home go through the phone book and find his personal number. I was able to contact him and retrieve my pet, where he then charged me for after hours pick-up. No phone call, no warning, just an imposed, unnecessary and completely arbitrary fee of 10 dollars. Then after I get there he takes her behind the partition and starts shaving her again… What the heck is this? You are way passed getting any brownie points. If one person changes their mind about using this shack of a business, my complaint served its purpose. \r\n


    got my dog back today


    charged after hours pick up after he closed without notification