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  • 1. Excellent class

    by: Westwarwickaco

    I've been to this class several times because each time you learn even more. Couldn't wait to get home to try it on my dogs. It was the best class I've ever attended. My dog that had hip problems it helped him tremendously. I now massage my dogs twice a day once in the morning and once at night. My Rotti was a bit klutzy so he was always hurting himself and limping from moving to fast. I worked his muscles in the morning and he limped less often. My Sarah she's just old so it helps her get going in the morning she used to get up real slow but now after a nice morning rub down she's able to get right up. Not to mention the fact they love it. So now I do the quick blood pumping massage in the morning and the nice slow relaxing massage at night. Some times they do get greedy and look at me when I stop as if to say is that it aren't you going to do more. They know when its their turn and plop right down to say rub me mom. It's a great class highly recommended for anyone with dogs. I rub my cats too they like it just as much as the dogs do. \r\n


    can learn a lot



  • 2. Be Your Dog's Best Friend

    by: arlosasso

    Why Massage Your Dog? Dogs can waste away when not given affectionate contact even though their physical needs have been met. They often l ead sedentary lives which leads to physical deconditioning. They pick-up human tension.\r\n\r\nMassage Therapy supplies loving contact, is a passive form of exercise which helps release tension and conditions your pet. However, for massage to be effective it must be done on a regular basis. I give you the option of learning canine massage techniques yourself or having me perform the treatments.\r\n\r\nMassage improves circulation, promotes proper digestion, helps relieve pain from arthritis, hip complaints and problems related to old age. It helps speed recovery from injuries such as sprains & fractures. It releases tension & anxiety. Massage helps find trouble spots which need veterinary attention sooner than otherwise possible. It improves function of internal organs and accustoms pets to being touched or examined.\r\n\r\nMassage accomplishes all these benefits and more because it acts as a mechanical cleanser, pushing lymph along and hastening elimination of waste and toxic debris. Massage increases the rate of exchange of substances between blood and tissue cells and helpos return venous blood to the heart, which eases the strain on the heart. Oxgenation of tissues is increased by a combination of deep, relaxed breathing and stimulation of nerve endings.\r\n\r\nMassage Therapy when performed on a regular basis can improve your dog's quality of life, keeping him more mobile as he ages. It also helps promote the bond between dog and owner.\r\n\r\nDoesn't your dog deserve to feel its very best? Be your dog's best friend - learn canine massage!\r\n\r\nAt Dog's Best Friend at Kent County Massage Therapy you have the option of group or individual classes in canine massage or you can have your dogs personalized treatments scheduled in the privacy of your own home. \r\n\r\nCall Alice Losasso, LMT, NCTMB for appointments or questions.


    Teaches you to perform canine massage yourself!


    by appointment only - only works with dogs