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140 west main street
Bay shore, NY 11706
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  • 1. doggie diva's in bayshore (groomers)

    by: tinfitz

    When i first adopted my dog, i asked around and everyone gae me their groomer, not necessarily the best groomer. So i did a little research and decided to go with "Doggie Diva's" in bayshore. They took the appointment right away, and they had a great prices. My dog was adopted from a shelter so she looked ratty and you couldn't even see her eyes..matted ans all. She looked so beautiful whn i picked her up, and she was not locked up in a cage as i had requested to the owner, she is hypoallergenic and i didn't wanna get other dog hair on her, my husband would die. The only reason i say that they took a little long is because 3 hours is alot for her, she had a tramatic life pre-adoption, and i just want to make sure she's not too scared, i don't think thats an issue for everyone. So overall great place, totally recommend them.


    good quality, great prices


    takes a little to long