Dogboy's, Inc

2615 Crystal Bend Drive
Austin, TX 78660

User Reviews (5)

  • 1. Dogs always have fun!

    by: jamesjulie

    Bodie & Jax always come home completely exhausted so I know they've run themselves silly while boarding at DogBoy's. I much prefer that they have time to be outside than cooped up in a cage all day - always makes being away from them a bit easier knowing they're happy and having fun.


    Large outdoor play areas, feed high-quality food


    Fill up quickly for holidays

  • 2. Great facility & staff

    by: SophieBrewster

    I first took my dogs to Dog Boy's for doggie day care years ago, day care was still sort of new (at least to me). It was such good exercise and a great opportunity for them to socialize with other dogs. They have about 15 acres of property, with several different fenced areas for various playgroups. I've also boarded them there too, and had only good experiences. The staff are knowledgeable and attentive. I love that they accept only spayed/neutered pets! I've recommended them to all my friends.


    Lots of room for my dog to run and play


    It's a popular place, so make reservations early!

  • 3. Have a nice setup

    by: mallingc

    I toured Dog Boys and actually interviewed their owners as part of my Capstone Biz Mgmt project for my MBA. Doggy Day Care was still a pretty new thing back then, but they had the setup for it and for boarding. I was impressed with their climate controlled facilities too. They are way out in North Austin, so I haven't used their services. Just not convenient.


    Good setup, a lot to offer


    Out of the way for me

  • 4. I like all they have to offer

    by: whickums

    Dog Boy's used to be my kennel of choice to board my dogs. Their kennels are climate controlled and large enough for my 2 large dogs to share a space. They are situated on 11(?) acres of land which has an agility course, multiple fenced play areas, and a hiking trail with a pond for swimming. The staff was always friendly to us. I stopped taking my dogs there for a couple of reasons. Most importantly, one of my dogs always came home with some sort of injury. Once, it was a ripped off dewclaw nail. More expensively, it was a broken molar which warranted extraction. I have a feeling the injuries were a result of the second reason, which was the fact that a policy of Dog Boy's staff is that 'packs' are always separated into different play groups. My dogs get very anxious when separated from each other; coupled with the fact that they were in an unfamiliar place with unfamiliar people I believe attempts were made by the dog with the injuries to dig out or chew through fences to get to the other dog. You can request that your dogs not be separated, but that warrants a special label to be placed on your dogs' file, which basically means during popular boarding times (i.e. holidays) your dogs may not get to board because of their more special needs.


    multiple activities and play areas, your dog WILL come home exhausted


    my dogs always came home injured

  • 5. They are GREAT!

    by: debdog

    They are the real deal. All the staff are dog people and I have nothing but good things to say. They are located south east of Pflugerville. I only wish they would open another location in NW Austin! :~)


    Staff, country feel w/ pond


    location from me