Dog Star Ranch Day Care

4200 Whitehall Road
Muskegon, MI 49445

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  • 1. Dog Star's Staff shows love, care and a slight discount for a Fosterd Dog

    by: jodiclock

    When traveling for business or pleasure, it is not uncommon for us to board Mac, our 12 year old corgi and Ernie our 18 mth old "Therapy Dog in Training" at the Dog Star. We affectionatly call it the "doggie spa" as they play with new friends, go on nature walks, and of course are well taken care of. This last stay however they are doing an exceptional job. I am presently foste ring a pomerainum with a very tragic story who I have named "Lucy". She is deathly afraid of men, leashes, and very nervous, anxious and sensitive - which doesn't even touch the condition she came to us in. She has become incredibly attached to me and Ernie. I had several offers from wonder people to babysit her while we were away, but I felt that if she was with Ernie & Mac, she may feel more secure. I also thought that professionals could possibly make some inroads with her, you guessed it - off to the spa she went with the other guys. When I checked in, while away - it was evident that they have been hands on with her. They were moving slowly - witnessed the same behaviors I knew and described how they were handling them and said that they were hand feeding her. She is being socialized with other little dogs and then with Ernie and Mac at night. Since I'm fostr fostering - I did ask for a price break after I shared and could validate her story - they did give me a slight break. Since this is a personal cause emotional and finanacially I greatly appreciate their assistance. I would encourage anyone with the ability to board a pet to go visit, check it out and not think twice about investing in Dog Star, as they will invest back in your 4 legged family member. I so very much am impressed with the care they always give Ernie and Mac, but they are doing the extra yard with Lucy.\r\n


    Staff clearly is educated on caring for abused dog and not afraid to help out


    Boarding is still on the pricey side, but definately worth it

  • 2. Doggie Day Care

    by: klfowler

    Dog Star Ranch has a wonderful doggie day care program. They offer a pick up service or you can bring your dog there.\r\n\r\nThe staff is great with the dogs, interacting with them for play periods and quiet times.\r\n\r\nThis facility is great to use for one day a week for socializing or for a daily doggie day care!!


    The size of the facility and the staff!


    A little costly