Dog gone beautiful grooming salon

1894 harwood drive
Lacona, NY 13083
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User Reviews (3)

  • 1. Great place!

    by: ion

    While their "salon" is nowhere near as glamorous as say PetCo or one of the chain pet stores you have to look at what you're paying for. Prices are good, service is great!\n\nWe've taken our family pets to this groomer for years and have never been disappointed. They groom dogs exactly as you ask them to. I'd also like to point out that they are one of the few places that will actually use scissors to groom a pomeranian. My older pom has so much hair, I asked them to trim and thin his coat out. When I came back to pick him up he looked gorgeous! They'll clip nails without being asked, which is another bonus. \n\nThe knowledgeable and skilled staff has never let us down and they're generous with cuddles and hugs for your pets. Furthermore, they don't overbook here and can give you an exact time to come and pick up your pet. Unlike other places where it could take up to 5 hours for grooming service, Dog Gone Beautiful's average wait time is around 2 hours [for long haired pets.]


    Very prompt service


    Rather small location

  • 2. Excellent care for our dogs

    by: mccallp

    They cut the dog's hair and cut it the way we asked. They cut Maggie & Ivan's toenails without our asking. Both dogs would go right in to the shop once we were there. The staff has been very good to us.


    They cared for dogs while I was at work


    Not as close to our home as I would like, but basically ok.

  • 3. Good people

    by: cockapoomom

    I use to take my dog to Kim and Joanne before I moved and it was to far to drive. They were always very nice to my dog and I.


    Very nice and friendly staff.


    Small store front