Dirty hairy's pet grooming

18265 highway 87
Boonville, MO 65287

User Reviews (5)

  • 1. Wonderful place!!!

    by: jterrock

    I take my Golden Retriever Emma Sue to Dirty Hairy's for boarding and grooming. I LOVE this place! The staff is so nice and Emma seems to love it here! I just picked her up today and she smells so good! She had a full groom and just smells and looks so beautiful! She seems to like it here! She is very pooped out too so she must of had tons of fun!


    Great service!


    A drive from Centralia

  • 2. This place is awesome!

    by: stephdes

    These people are great and they take their time doing their job. We used to have a Golden who suffered from severe separation anxiety. The groomers we called in Columbia insisted that we needed to leave him there for the whole day. Dirty Harry's understands that in some cases it's a really good idea to let the owner stick around and as a result, until he passed away earlier this year, Dusty used to love going to the groomers. Sasha went to see them yesterday and she's gorgeous and I can't stop smelling her. She smells so good!


    The cost is really reasonable and they do a great job.


    It is kind of far from Columbia

  • 3. Great Groomers

    by: NCook

    These are some wonderful people to deal with. When I take my dogs there to get trimmed and cleaned they come home smelling wonderful and they look so pretty. I almost don't want them to back outside because I am afraid they will get dirty. I also love the perfume that they put on them.


    Everything good



  • 4. Good Groomers

    by: jimmysmom

    My parents have used this groomer for several years after using multiple ones in the area. They are easy to work with - flexible with scheduling and getting the animals taken care of and back home. We really like this place.


    Good service



  • 5. Do It Yourself

    by: edlisa2j

    I really appreciate the willingness of this shop to work with me so I can come in before regular hours to groom Yukon myself. They even allow me to use all of their supplies and the price is so reasonable.


    Allows self-wash


    Make appointment