Dirty Dawgz

2924 Oak Lawn
Dallas, TX 75219

User Reviews (3)

  • 1. Great groomers

    by: Hollene

    Very nice staff; helpful, outstanding groomers. My parents have a long-haired doxie and they do a great job with her. Better than some of the chain Pet Product stores.


    great staff



  • 2. Dog Groomers

    by: morganm

    They are sooooo nice here! Helpful, outstanding groomers. We have a long haired dacshund and they do such a great job with her. Better than some of the Pet Product stores.


    Nice people, helpful.


    Best groomer only there a few days a week.

  • 3. clean dogs

    by: xxspiffyqueenxx

    This place is amazing! They provide all the things you could possibly need to wash and groom your dog, without all the worry about cleaning up your mess! How great is that! They have nice stainless steel tubs that you can hook your pooch up in, with a unique system to dispense warm water, tearless shampoo, as well as conditioner! They also carry other shampoos that they will kindly explain to you what they are good for, as well as have every type of brush or come you can think of! They also offer free ear cleaning and nail trimming with every wash, if you don't want to do it yourself, no problem, they are there to help you with anything you can possibly need or want including towels and hair dryers. They also have grooming clippers for rent and offer grooming available. I really recommend trying them out, they are worth it! trust me, with all the hair that clogs my drains from my huskies, its nice not worrying about the mess. I believe their website is www.dirtydawgz.net \r\nIf you want to get your dogs groomed, I really recommend their groomers, they are some of the best and nicest!


    great place!