Diogi Dog Park

500 W. Carter Road #1
Mulberry, FL 33811

User Reviews (19)

  • 1. Diogi Dog Park - Hope there will be more for Lakeland

    by: Rowan

    We've taken our dog there a few times and will continue to becasue except for a few bad apples it's a really nice park. The small dog side (SDS) does not pick up after their dogs as well as the large dog side (LDS). The LDS does an excellent job keeping the area clean. There are more things to do on the LDS but there are three dogs that come often 2 lg. black and 1 sm tan that are bullies. They get in the way of everything and will dominate all the other dogs or pick a fight if the the other dog is an alpha. Their person lets them saying they're just playing. The people have even gotten in fights themselves over these dogs. So when we see them there we leave. If they're not there it's great and we've met lot of nice dogs and owners. I wish the park had a brouchure and posting like Hillsborough. It's very specific and they have people that check the park out periodically.


    lot's of running room, fresh water, choice of sizes to be with


    no rules or monitoring of behavior.

  • 2. Your dog will love this park

    by: rome3215

    This park is named after a K-9 that was killed in the line of duty and is an appropriate honor to these wonderful dogs. It is a fun place to take your dog. It is safe and has many features to amuse your dog.


    Open and quiet area


    can be wet during rainy season

  • 3. DiOGi park

    by: ukpetlover

    I love this park and try to go most weekends with my 3 german shepherds. There used to be more agility equipment, but some people were letting their kids play on it, so I think it became a liability for the park. It would be really nice for parents to discourage their kids from doing this---I used to take my kids to the kiddie park to let them play (I have nothing against people bringing their kids---just remember that this is the ONLY facility for dogs in Lakeland, and there are plenty of places for parents to take their kids to play!) I also have a thing about dog owners not picking up after their animals--it's not an excuse to say that you weren't watching. I have 3 and manage to keep an eye on all of them to make sure they don't leave a mess for others to step in! I would hate to see the park get closed because we aren't taking good enough care of it!


    Great place to take dogs for exercise


    A lot of people don't pick up after their dogs!!!

  • 4. Safe place to let little dogs RUN!

    by: Mel7

    As the only dog park in the Lakeland area, the park is a great addition. It's pretty far south for many of Lakeland's residents, but is worth a trip. The large fenced areas provide separate areas for large and small dogs that let the little ones and puppies have more room to run without getting in a tangle of big-dog legs. There is usually some overlap but for the most part people seem to know which side their dogs do best in. Most people have been friendly and keep an eye on their animals, though like with anything else around here, there are those few who are inconsiderate or ignorant enough to have caused others to leave the park.


    High fence enclosure, protected exit area, separate big and little dog areas


    There are obstacles/activities for dogs, but not many

  • 5. play time!

    by: HeatherLC02

    I just recently went to this park for the first time a few weeks ago. I didn't take my dogs with me the first time because I just wanted to check it out while I was in the area but it was pretty nice. There were about 3 families out there with their dogs and they had a side for bigger dogs, and one for smaller. It appeared to be well kept. I will be taking my pets back.





  • 6. Just Grass

    by: christa709

    I was expecting more. Some agility equipment, a pool and a shower to use before getting in the car would be nice.


    Small & Large Dogs are Segregated


    No Equipment & not enough shade

  • 7. It's a Start

    by: MarySPCA

    Separate areas for small & large dogs are pluses. Park needs more shade and more agility equiment, a pool or shower and more fun stuff for the dogs to do.


    Only dog park in south Lakeland


    Small; needs more shade & agility equipment

  • 8. We are blessed

    by: cafedad

    This special park is named for a special police dog who died in the line of duty with his handler Dep. Matt Williams. I am sure they are both looking down and are very happy with this great park. There is a lot of room, plenty of trees, even a fake fire hydrant. They have seperate areas for small and big dogs, lots of doggy clean up bags. This park is our favorite and always will be,


    Space, shelter, water



  • 9. Our Dog Park

    by: bcooper12001

    I absolutely love our dog park and take my three dogs every weekend. Since I have one large dog and two small dogs - we spend our time in the small dog section. The first time I went a large aggressive dog tried to bite one of my small dogs so we went to the small dog section. Even though I take my big dog in that section - everyone is very nice and understanding. We love going to the park!




    Aggressive Dogs

  • 10. Zues and Ty-Lee Love Diogi

    by: serenity2377

    We all love this dog park. We go several times a week. My dogs have friends he likes to play and he is tired and happy by the time we get home. Ty-lee is a hit there also. She is a popular pup. We love this place and hope it stays around a while.


    Dogs love to play and we get advice to help have happy puppies



  • 11. Very fun

    by: 2cocoalove

    I have a 4 month old pup and she just loves it there, the dogs were nice and we even got her to jump in the hoo[(with a little help) my older dog loves it too


    Plenty of activities like the hoops and things in dog shows


    some people don't pick up their poop

  • 12. the best dog park

    by: ilovebear1997

    the best dog park me and my dog has ever been to





  • 13. i love this place

    by: oscrat

    it is great





  • 14. Nice Park

    by: Waltp

    Great park with many things to do (mountain biking, hiking, fishing) in addition to the dog park and a welcome additon to Lakeland. \r\n\r\nNow called Loyce Harpe Park.


    Nice place, small and large dogs have seperate play areas



  • 15. First Dog Park of Polk County

    by: Ladychatia

    This is an excellent place for dogs to socialize and the pet owners to get to know each other.


    A great place to let the dogs run free


    Sometimes people don't pick up after there pets...

  • 16. Love the Park

    by: GramyPamy

    I wish people would put more thought into the temperment of their animal before they bring them to the park. Last Sunday for instance, there was a small dog that barked non-stop for the ENTIRE time I was at the park. He would't let anyone or anydog get near the pavillion table and his owner. It was a terrible experience and we left after only 15 minutes. A lot of fights break out at the Large dog area and I wonder why those people bring their more aggressive dogs there. One person told me that they were working on "socializing" their dog. I personally have a dog that I know won't do well and he stays home while the more "centered" dogs go with me to play at the park. It's not fair to expose others to his aggressive behavior. I wish people gave more thought to others. Other than that, we love most of our visits to the park.


    The only place around for dogs to socialize


    People are so inconsiderate!!!

  • 17. The dogs enjoy the park

    by: LEE55

    We have been enjoying the park since it first opened.\nWe don't spend any time there during the HOT months but plan a trip at least once a week during the cooler months. Most of our dogs enjoy the freedom of being off their leashes.


    Well maintained


    Some people don't clean up after their dogs and some people are not able to determine whether their dog belongs with the small or large dogs

  • 18. Great dog park!

    by: Katiebug004

    My dogs and I love this dog park because we live near and whenever we bring them home, they're exercised, and tired. So it works out great! It is also very clean and they have a litle hose with dog shampoo mso you can wash them when you get done!


    all the dogs can run around and play without having to be on leashes


    sometimes dogs don't get along and fight

  • 19. local park

    by: andreak428

    This park was dedicated to Diogi, a K-9 who was killed in action in 2006 with the Lakeland Police Department. This park is a great local park for any size dog, from little to big. Has 3 pavillions, all 3 have picnic tables for the "parents". Great way to socialize with other local "parents" too!


    awesome local park


    kind of small