Dill Bo Dvm

1420 Meridian
East Milton, WA 98354

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  • 1. Dr Dill is awesom

    by: PeterW

    Absolutely stunned by this mans knowledge and manner in treating both the animal and the people associated with them. \r\n\r\nI have exotic ducks, and getting the annual vet inspection of my place required for the license that I need to have can be a nightmare - but Dr Dill performed my last annual inspection with ease and helpful advice throughout the process. His suggestions and comments were helpful, and he was willing to do the inspection at a time I could be home rather than scheduling me when it was easy for him. \r\n\r\nHe has also treated our cats, and did a wonderful job, reccommending a lower cost alternative to flea control than he could have (obviously, he was more concerned about the animals than the profit he would have made selling us the usual flea control products like most other vets I have been to. \r\n\r\nMy wife sought his advice for her rabbit, and while he handled he with kid gloves at first (my wife knows more about rabbits than she let on at first) he provided correct, easy to understand information that would have been helpful even if she didn't know what she was doing.\r\n\r\nOverall, a fantastic vet and our first choice for medial care for our animals.


    Fantasic guy, great staff


    I have never had a problem