Diamond hill animal hospital

1400 main street
Lynchburg, VA 24504
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User Reviews (11)

  • 1. Good animal service

    by: shannon812

    I take my animals there for their shots and 1 cat to be fixed and had a good experience. Prices are the best in town and Dr. Dixon really does care about the animals that she treats. The only thing bad that I have to say about the office, is that the customer service from the front desk is not the best. But I can look past that, as long as my animals are taken care of:)


    Great prices and Dr. Dixon is wonderful


    Lacks in customer service

  • 2. The best vet in Lynchburg va

    by: khmike

    Of all the vets we have used in all the places we have lived Diamond Hill, owned by Dr Christine Dixo DVM, is one of the best. Care of the patients is PARAMOUNT. Understanding and comforting the patients' family when the patient is in dire situation is equally PARAMONT. They realize that pets are family members too.\r\nTheir stock of supplies is excellent and kept up to date. Calls are promptly returned and questions answered. \r\nThe boarding facilities are well maintained and cleaned often. \r\nThe major "con" we have is that our cat was used to having food down all the time. When we would visit her we would bring food as a treat. She was definitely hungry. We feel like we failed her. We should have brought her home and cared for her here. We think she gave up because we left her in a cage which is where we found her. We can never forgive ourselves especially when we learned that after 6 pm the animals are alone, and on the weekend someone stops in to feed and check on the animals only.


    Dr Dixon and staff care about their patients, they go out of their way to help the patient's owner if there is a problem with paying for services.


    The animals are alone after closing and on weekends with someone coming into feed and check on them.

  • 3. The Best

    by: kaj15

    I love this office. The prices were great. I don't care much for the male vet, we had an elder dog that had lost 20 pounds in several months. He tried to downplay it, said the scale may have been broke. Which would mean that my other dog's weight was off too. Don't think so! \nThe female vet is awesome though!


    The female vet


    The male vet

  • 4. Have Used this place for years!

    by: CntryL8y

    I would say that this place is overall a great place. It's a busy small practice that serves first the animal in it's care then the people, so if you want a place that makes your animal happy choose this place. I have friends who also use this place and love, it and I have had friends who have used this place and hated it, so it's basically a matter of your tastes and peferences. Me, personally I had to put my beloved Rottie Reighn to sleep and The staff and Dr. Dixon were very kind and very gentle with my girl and very kind and considerate to me and my feelings. They treated my girl very dignified and through them I had my girl cremated and had her ashes returned to me, they were very great through this whole process, for this and the great care my animals have received here I would recommend this place.\n


    Covenient to my home, Vet and Staff Really Care


    Wait Time can be Long, and Availabillity actual vet on attendence can be an issue

  • 5. Catering to the downtown crowd

    by: BShack

    I used to use this vet frequently for vetting our shelter animals, but have not been there for quite some time. That was my own choice--it is hard to feel efficient when I go there, because there is such a long wait.


    Great for folks in downtown Lynchburg


    Location downtown makes it difficult to find parking

  • 6. good care for your pets

    by: AlanS

    We like Diamond Hill-have been going there over 20 years. Dr Dixon is concerned for the welfare of the animals & Dr Storozum (former owner of the business & still works part time) is an excellent vet. Both of them believe in provideing quality care without running expensive tests unless necessary.


    reasonable prices/good care



  • 7. Click Here

    by: mikexd5

    This is the best place in lynchburg. All of our pets go there. They get the job done and the problem fixed


    Get the job done


    take for ever

  • 8. A real gem: Diamond HIll Animal Hospital

    by: pennydq

    These people have hearts of gold. They do extroardinary things and are definitely not in it for the money. They go the extra mile and are considerate about mulit-animal owners.


    Very, very dedicated staff


    not enough parking, cramped since it is downtown

  • 9. Not my favorite

    by: spugh42

    I have had only a few interactions with this vet, and it's always been while helping others. I work with folks with low-incomes and they often use this vet. While it's great the services are cheaper than others, I wasn't impressed with the customer service. The vet herself was fine and seemed knowledgable; however, the front office staff and vet assistants weren't the friendliest or most professional. For my personal pets, I'd rather pay a higher rate and feel satisfied that I made the right choice.


    Cheaper prices


    cautious about staff, location

  • 10. Best Value in Town.

    by: fivspeed

    This is my personal vet. I have used them for 8 years. Originally, it was owned by an older male vet who was awesome. Extremely caring, knowledgable and kept the prices down. Since then its had its ups and downs with customer services and the environment has gone down hill somewhat. One time, I called to pick up my cat. Although I had made an appointment that day, I dropped him off in the morning with plans to pick him up when I got off work. I called about 2pm and one of the office staff was rude enough to tell me that the do appointments first and then "get to the stuff in the back". Apparently, even though I made an appointment, because I dropped him off in the morning they gave my appointment away to someone else! I was not happy with her comment or them giving my appointment away. I stopped going there for awhile but came back and it seemed like the staff had changed and the environment had improved. I still go there, but its not what it use to be. Unfortunately.


    Great prices. Local vet.


    Service can be iffy at times.

  • 11. My home away from home

    by: srj

    The quality of care is good. Appointments run behind schedule because each animal is cared for as it needs;if something unexpected is discovered during an exam, they check it out. They do not try to choose the most expensive tests/meds, rather what works best. They will answer questions on how to continue care at home/what to watch for that would signal a problem. For a while there were times a vet wasn't there during all the office hours, but that has improved. I have used other local vets but this is the best.


    Reasonable prices, helpful & caring staff


    Appointments run later than scheduled.