Diamond Animal Hospital

2545 E Tudor Rd
Anchorage, AK 99507

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Always Friendly

    by: Sekhmet

    I have been using Diamond Animal Hospital for a few years now and have always been happy with the care they have provided my cats. I have had to make the hard choice of putting one down and they helped me through this hard time and were very supportive. I work during the day and being able to take my cats in at all hours for visits is great and they are just a friendly and caring at 2 am as they are at 8 am. They are great with my cats and talk in plain terms that are easy to understand and if my cats are sick they let me know what all my options are and the cost so I can make an informed choice. I happily tell my friends and anyone that is looking for a vet about Diamond without reservations.


    Open 24 hours, No late night charges, Friendly


    No payment plans

  • 2. Two thumbs up so to speak

    by: amcoleman

    I have been taking my dogs there for at least the last three years, and I am always pleased with how well they all treat my dogs and cat. It is always clean, the people there are knowledge able about just about any questions I have, and my dogs don't seem to hate going there. Alot of the time I can call right in and they answer my question tell me what to look for and they don't give me the run around saying "oh you have to bring them in." One of my dogs chewed his way through about twenty chocolate bars that we had in the truck ready to go camping. I was no doubt worried about my dog. When I called in they told me to watch for violent shaking and puking yellow, they said unless that happens there is no need to bring him in. So all in all I love them and aside from SPCA they are the only vet in town I take my precious pooches to.


    They give you tips over the phone, they're not extremly exspencive and they're great to my dogs


    Little farther away but thats okay