Dhs-animal science

25 alumni drive
Dover, NH 03820

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  • 1. A great start for a good program

    by: dreambig

    Overall I will say that Bella's experience here was good. The school's animal science program offers grooming every Friday for faculty and the outside community. For $10 you can get a bath, drying, brushing, ear/face washing, and nails clipped. I believe for another $3-5 you can have you animal clipped. Keep in mind that these are high school students learning to care for animals and who may even become your next veterinarian or professional groomer. They are learning the skills to work with these animals and learning how to clip certain breeds. While I was not happy with the first results, it is OK to speak up and let them know. The only way they learn from their mistakes is if you tell them where they need to improve. Needless to say, when Bella went back to get her nail redone, she came out looking GREAT! I will def be bringing her back again! Thank you!!


    Low prices, clean, lots of services


    high school students, learning