Devore animal shelter

19777 cajon blvd
San bernardino, CA 92407
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User Reviews (4)

  • 1. death row

    by: LLamb

    OMG! They only give 3 days for the cats to be adopted, even if they are healthy! NEVER take a cat there, please. One third of their cages were vacant but still they said they euthanize every animal.. So many kittens I saw there waiting to come out and play... they will just be put to death. Plus, the place has a hard-to-find side entrance, at the end of a dead end road, so people don't visit to adopt. It is the saddest and we are better off without this place.




    animal killing


    by: 1caligirlranch

    I'm on FB, I know those who save dogs from Devore. Tonight, I'm looking at a dead on floor pic of a beautiful Pitty, that was saved, forced to be altered and turns out he was sick ... bc after the neuter he did nothing but puke ... the VET there, said it was nothing. Then why did he not eat, could not keep his head up, bled from his nose and died on at the vet's on the floor? ~ Let me say this to all the IGNORANT, NON CARING PERSONS OF THIS WORLD. If you don't care enough about animals, to enjoy them, care for them, love them, THEN DON'T HAVE THEM. I AM SICK of the DUMPING of Pets, because owners are lazy and can't find them a home. How convenient to dump them when you don't any longer want them. There's got to be a special place below waiting for you. It's those very people causing the rest of us that do care to spend our lives, not as a flippin' hobby, but day in and day out, doing all we can and more to pick up the slack. If you think you can do this w/out ever paying the piper ... think again. Your day is coming. What comes around will always go around. Count on it. ~ DEVORE, as we KNOW IT, needs to END. A.C. needs to get out there and start busting the backyard breeders ... it's only causing suffering to animals. If you work for Devore and don't care, then, GET THE HECK OUT! We'd be glad to see you go work anywhere but w/animals. Shame on those that keep letting this slide. If animals didn't feel pain, hurt and suffering, I'd say fine, BUT IT'S QUITE THE CONTRARY. IF YOU CARE ABOUT ANIMALS, GET ON THE BANDWAGON AND MAKE THIS STOP!


    Yet to discover one


    Lack of staff care, no concern, dogs that are ill are ignored, if adopted, forced to alter while sick spells DEATH!

  • 3. Euthanization

    by: Valeriezz

    I have been notified this shelter has been sued and complaints have been sent to local rep for san bernardino. Please log onto facebook and search comments Devour shelter. Frostbiten dogs and group euthanization while dogs howl and cry.




    Tortured animals

  • 4. Staff tries their best

    by: Reggae69

    A small shelter. Plenty of parking. Caring and attentive staff. Has a nice outdoor area for larger animals as well. I gave this shelter a rating of 4 because: I adopted a dog (puppy) from this shelter several years ago. Unfortunately (long story short), due to the way things were done then, this pup had not finished his vaccinations. He had distemper and was unable to be saved. Very sad outcome to such an exciting beginning. I hope the rules have changed.


    Caring staff


    Business red tape