Desert Inn Animal Hospital

3065 East Desert Inn Road
Las Vegas, NV 89121

User Reviews (1)

  • 1. So far, very pleased

    by: quatrogatos

    I came from Denver where the vet services are absolutely the best. It is hard to match Colorado, but I knew when we moved to Nevada, I knew that I wanted a hospital (not just a vet office) that had a large diverse staff, multiple modern procedures, and an in-house pharmacy. Thus far Desert Inn has been the only place I have found that meets those things. The only thing they don't have which I had in Denver was 24 hour emergency access. The facility is very large, but it could use a little updating. It is easy to get in on a weekend and all of the staff is very friendly. The vet team is large and has a diverse background which is great because you can see a different vet for different issues. Thus far we have been pleased even though they did give us pills for one of our cats and usually in Denver they would make us suspension liquids because pilling a cat is near impossible. Next time I just have to remember to ask for the suspension.


    Large diverse staff, in-house pharmacy, many procedures offered


    Wish they had 24 hour services. Could update public areas a little.