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  • 1. Dr. Derek DeRose...Bravo!

    by: Heidibabes

    I've been to several vets since I've moved to the Portland metro area and none have compared to Dr. Derek DeRose of Greenway Pet Clinic! Where other vets have failed in their treatments or in some cases, didn't even try...Dr. DeRose excelled. I recommend this guy to everyone I know who loves their animals. Even though Dr. DeRose has plenty of patients, he manages to give each one his one-on-one attention and gives the clients the impression that he has all the time in the world to answer their questions. He makes you feel at-ease, and there are no stupid questions, so feel comfortable to ask away! Anyone who brings their pet to Dr. DeRose can immediately tell that he is a caring individual. I've even seen him tear up for my pet! But its not just his bedside manner that sets Dr. DeRose apart from the rest, its also his knowledge and skill! Before I met Dr. DeRose, I found that my dog had a tumor on his leg and I took him in to see another vet. After a biopsy, I was told that because of the type and location of this tumor, it was inoperable and that since my dog was along in years, he would probably die of old age first. Since it was a slow-growing tumor, I accepted this. But what the vet forgot to tell me was that I could now expect it to grow very fast. See, this type of tumor accellerates its growth after being messed with or exposed to oxygen. The biopsy stimulated it and it grew very quickly after that. Before long, I found that a tumor the size of a quarter was now the size of a tennisball. I called my vet many times with my concerns as I watched it grow. His answer was always the same, inoperable, my dog would die from it. Desperate for another opinion, I went to another vet. After looking over the results from the first biopsy, the new vet agreed. He said it would have been ok when it was the size of a quarter, but now it was definately too late. My heart sank. At this time, my dog's tumor had ruptured the skin and was oozing. I asked both vets if there was something I could do to fix this problem. THe only thing they offered was pain meds. Finally, I found Dr. DeRose, who after looking at the biopsy results was alarmed that my dog's tumor problem hadn't been fixed earlier...or at least managed. Chewy went into surgery. Because it was the size of a softball now, the surgery was much more difficult than it needed to be. There was a major blood supply going to the tumor...something that could only be discovered mid-surgery. Still, Dr. DeRose pushed on. What was supposed to be an hour-long surgery, ended up being a 3-hour surgery. There was every indication that Chewy might lose his leg, but Dr. DeRose didn't give up and not only was Chewy able to keep his leg, but the tumor was removed and his leg functioned normally. Chewy was walking on it already when I took him home. Dr. DeRose did wonders for Chewy, but also for my cat, Skye, when she was a kitten. But that's another story. Suffice it to say that this guy has everything anyone could want in a vet...bedside manner, sincerity, empathy, patience, determination, knowledge and skill, follow-up care, emergency services, the works! I would recommend him to anyone, with any kind of pet!


    Dr. DeRose is great!


    The desk staff is average