Derby Small Animal Clinic

6850 Prescott Drive
Derby, NY 14047

User Reviews (4)

  • 1. My Family and I have been going there for years...

    by: dalmatian728

    My family and I have been going to this clinic for many years. I have to say that this clinic is at a great location, and is not to overwhelming in size,like some animal hospitals can be. I personally feel that the technicians are very caring, and it shows when they are with the dr, assisting either dr.brainard, or dr.gilbert.


    very friendly, and caring staff



  • 2. I wouldn't go here ever again!!

    by: peachychic

    I'm not one to ever complain, but I couldn't keep this to myself- my pets ( my one cat in particular) could have died if I kept taking him there. This Vet overdosed my mom's dog (gave him an adult size dose of steroids for his arthritis when he's only an 8lb maltese) and in the middle of the night had to take him to the OP Vet Hospital who saved his life- after this mistake I vowed never to take my own pets here- I took them to OP too when it came time for their yearly checkups and found out that my one cat had a mouth infection that the Vets at Derby should have caught a year ago now my cat has to have all his teeth removed (I mentioned it to the Derby vets when I was there a year ago too- I said my cat had extra bad breath, etc and they told me he was fine and all cats are different- not to worry about it)- furthermore when OP went to take out the cats teeth- they had to cancel the surgery b/c they found out he was diabetic- he's under control now and doing well-scheduled to have his surgery in a few days- but these are things Derby Small Animal Clinic never caught and should of- I bring my cat in every year for a checkup- they're the vets not me and if I would have kept taking my cat there he probably would have eventually died prematurely. I GIVE THESE PEOPLE TWO THUMBS DOWN AND WOULDN'T RECOMMEND TO MY WORSE ENEMY!!!


    Honestly none- other than the facility is clean


    Pretty much everything- See review

  • 3. Caring and knowledgeable staff

    by: stacey1549

    I highly recommend the Derby Small Animal Clinic. I am especially fond of Dr. Gilbert. She is a dedicated and caring veterinarian, who has always gone above and beyond when caring for my pets. She is both caring and knowledgeable. The staff are very welcoming, and are always willing to listen and help when they can. The clinic is very small, and the doctors and techs recognize everybody who enters!!! I know my pets are well taken care of when they enter...


    Caring staff, customer service, knowledgeable



  • 4. You'll feel at home...

    by: JazziesMom

    Derby Small Animal Clinic is a small, comfortable place to take your animals. It has a nice welcoming appeal and the staff are very friendly. They always take the time to help me out with questions when I call.


    Small and welcoming...