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Denver, CO 80231
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User Reviews (44)

  • 1. Wonderful environment for adoption!

    by: ztT4MP83863585

    I absolutely love the Cat I adopted from them and lived with me for 17 years, and the Minature Pinsher I adopted a year ago has been one of the greatest pets. Why someone would give up a purebred minpin is beyond me. Please support this shelter. The more people donate and adopt the less they kill. I know for a fact they try their hardest to adopt every pet. Our recently deceased cat will be replaced by another from DDFL.


    Great facility with a true desire to find pets homes!


    purebreed list

  • 2. A good shelter

    by: Rayray18

    When I first went here, I noticed that no staff members even said hello. When I asked to pet the Cats I was told I couldn't. On the otherhand, I was really impresed how clean it was. Every area that an animal was being held in, it was spottless.


    Very clean


    Costumer service

  • 3. adopting Sophie

    by: dclark

    I have adopted two dogs from the Dumb Friends League and have had great experiences. They were friendly, knowledgeable and definitely cared about the animals that they have there. I did have to wait a long time to see Goldie for the first time because they were soooooo busy, as they usually are. Sophie was probably spayed too early because now has problems with urination and leaking and my vet thinks that maybe some muscles were cut that shouldn't have been. \r\n\r\nThe only sad thing is that they have SO many animals. Otherwise our experiences here have been good ones.\r\n


    Sophie and Goldie


    long waiting times

  • 4. DDFL

    by: ned628

    I volunteer here on a fairly regular basis mainly in the healthcare department. I think it is amazing how dedicated the staff is to helping their sick animals get better and get adopted. I know they spend a lot of money on cats with giardia and URI...keep up the good work guys!


    Amazing facility


    I think they could have spent more money on the animals than the remodel

  • 5. Great place to find a new friend

    by: redguitarchick04

    These people are really willing to help animals and pet owners. They even offer no-cost spay/neuter for low income families.


    Great place, they care about the animals.


    The dog area is kind of smelly and could be nicer.

  • 6. DFL

    by: Flowera

    Not that this is a bad thing, but whenever I go there, they always have adopted dogs on display because they must adopt them out so quick. But I've become interested in a couple and then when I want to check them out, they tell me they are already adopted. \r\n\r\nAnd I said "well that's good!" to the lady and she was like 'yea duh'. well she didn't actually say that but that's what it felt like.\r\n\r\nBut I still go to look at the dogs and cats. But I think next time I'll go to another humane society to switch it up and find animals really in need. These dogs got it good.


    State of the Art Facility


    Needs help in organization

  • 7. This is a wonderful place

    by: Apacheblase

    Got our first cat here some forty years ago. That kitty lived to be 22. They are keeping up the good work.


    Does wonderful job in urban setting


    none really

  • 8. Nice facility

    by: rescueadog

    DDFL takes in an enormous amount of animals everyday. They have a beautiful facility. They try to adopt out as many animal as possible.


    nice big facility


    no a no kill

  • 9. Great training!

    by: myoungpeter

    Best place in town for affordable puppy classes! Great facility, wonderful staff!


    Great staff and puppy classes!



  • 10. DDFL

    by: animalzgalore87

    DDFL is a great shelter, I just wish more of the money was going to the pets in need no the the building! Also, the wait is so long (any time during the week not the mention the weekends) that many people give up. All of these animals need home and DDFL does a great job at finding them home. A great shelter with room for emprovement


    lots of pets, one for every need


    Wait is so long that many people give up

  • 11. nice shelter

    by: LyndaBashara

    I have gotten 2 older dogs from there they are a caring organization They call me when Frisco got out and had no collar he was chipped


    great staff



  • 12. Well Taken Care of...

    by: ZeithLtd

    I love DDFL for the cleanliness, and space. However I've noticed that each time we've gone, all the space isn't being utilized. The first time we went, there were animals everywhere. Lately I've noticed that the smaller cages are not being utilized at all. And down the long hallway, not all of the cages are full, 2-3 "U-sections" are being used for unadoptable dogs. I've read some of the other reviews about this shelter, where someone had said that 1/3 of the animals were euthanized. This is horrible!!! Put the small dogs in the smaller cages, and open that hallway back up! Right now the shelter is placing 1-2 small dogs in the larger cages. This doesn't make sense to me especially with all the space. If someone works at the center, and there is a valid reason for this practice, then I apologize in advance for my comment.


    Lots of Room


    Not enough interaction

  • 13. Impressive... for PEOPLE.

    by: MingsMom

    I truly have to give credit to DDFL for some things. They do Spay and Neuter an incredible number of dogs and cats every year, and they do it so inexpensively for all of the public. THANK YOU!!!\r\n\r\nHowever, DDFL is not a no-kill shelter, and their criteria seems to be pretty tough, from what I've heard. \r\n\r\nAlso, whenever I've visited, all the dogs have been without blankets or toys. Why? They certainly have the financial resources.\r\n\r\nThe structure is beautiful, but seems to be designed to impress the people more than the animals.\r\n\r\nMy heart remains with MaxFund, although any animal adopted is an animal saved.


    Great S/N Outreach!


    See below

  • 14. Great volunteers

    by: rkohler

    I'm glad they are helping animals and a nice pretty lobby does make people feel more confortable. If Maxfund had a nice pretty lobby we would love it and could fit more potential adopters!


    Great people


    They probably don't need a makeover

  • 15. Not so good...

    by: redrose222

    The Dumb Friends League makes me cry every time I go in. The animals look like prisoners, each dog has a small cubical like room with a drain in the middle. Animals are put down to provent overcrowding. The staff seem very stressed. The animals are not as cherished as they should be.


    Clean, big


    Kill animals after certain number of days

  • 16. "Fancy" is not a word that should be used to describe an animal shelter

    by: Tatesq

    Reading descriptions of this shelter as "fancy" is very troubling. Maxfund, where I volunteer, makes sure EVERY penny is spent for the welfare of the animals. How does a fancy lobby help the animals? I have a lump in my throat just thinking about it.


    Well...every shelter helps.



  • 17. So pretty

    by: DroolSpeak

    I love the facilities that they provide and the work that they do. My particular encounter with the staff was not very positive, but maybe I caught them on a bad day.


    Pretty facilities


    staff not very helpful

  • 18. wonderful place

    by: pamdenver

    I got my dog and cat here. I did not know about Maxfund then. I volunteer at Maxfund but this is a wonderful shelter too. They have much more money and beautiful rooms.


    large selection with many rooms to get aquainted with pets


    animals put down it is not a no kill shelter

  • 19. Great cause

    by: Bernergirl

    The Denver Dumb Friends League does good work. I adopted a beautiful orange kitten from them about 15 years ago! He had a fine head and dainty bone struture. His eyes were a gorgeious green colour. If I were to adopt another pet though, it would definitely be from the Maxfund Animal Shelter in Denver. They don't have the mega funding of the DDFL but are a small and successful shelter with dedicated staff and volunteers.


    friendly people



  • 20. Beautiful Facility

    by: ColoradoBB

    Denver Dumb Friends League is a beautiful facility. I've adopted two cats from there. I encourage everyone to adopt from here if they find the right pet, because that pet might be killed if they don't save its life. I think alot of money goes into running this place, and I'm thankful it exists, but I just think the money could go to better use (like expanding to support more animals)rather than to that high dollar curb appeal


    big bucks here


    They kill animals

  • 21. Great

    by: lilheat

    This place is great to the animals and the staff. They keep things very clean and clean at least twice a day if not more. Very friendly and knowledgable staff.


    Awesome place.


    Not enough space

  • 22. Shelter with heart

    by: petdude

    The DDFL does a great job raising money from telethons to fundraisers. They are not a no kill shelter but they do they best they can with the animals that they get in. They have everything from a turtle to a horse and everything in between


    Always lots of cats on hand to squeeze


    Long wait to see animals one on one

  • 23. Nice facility

    by: cyrusduke

    Overall I think this is a great animal shelter. It offers a wide range of animals to adopt from and the facilty is very animal and people oriented. I also like the fact that they reach out to the community in a variety of ways to fundraise and spread the word of what they are all about.


    updated facility, variety of pets


    cages sometimes dirty

  • 24. Have lots of money but euthanize

    by: zenbears

    These guys get a lot of money and it would be nice if they spent it on actually helping behaviorally challenged animals and sick animals versus the easy way of putting them down. Maybe this is why they have lots of money. The greater challenge for shelters is to help animals with behavioral issues and health issues humanely and they would have the money to really put together an example of how to help the millions of animals instead of euthanizing them. They could be on the forefront of this helping other shelters know they can do it too instead of taking the cheapest route out by euthanizing and I say this is lost opportunity for the sake of millions of animals.


    Have lots of money


    Euthanizes even when having lots of money

  • 25. Not the best in Denver!

    by: Zoethepirate

    The DDFL is very easy to navigate. They have offered good adoption rates to encourage adoption of older cats and multiple cats. \n\nHowever, they often throw money around for technology that doesn't work (such as information terminals) than saving animals. \n\n I have rescued two perfectly healthy and loving cats from this shelter, both of them mere days away from euthanasia according to shelter staff. \n\nEvery year more than one thousand animals are euthanized at this shelter. DDFL is not transparent about their methodology for killing an animal and may implement cruel euthanasia techniques.


    The staff is nice and the facilities are clean


    This is a euthanizing shelter.

  • 26. Do they really need a makeover?

    by: pechedog

    Their facility is too sterile for me. The way the animals are "caged" makes me feel like most of them are just there "temporarily" and sad to is true. \r\n\r\nI wish they would try to save more animals, there are so many great dogs,cats and other small creatures that have to die. This is not necessarily DDFL's fault but they could chose to NOT euthanize. We really need to look at the irresponsible pet owners to see who is really at fault.\r\n\r\nIt just breaks my heart.


    not much


    too many animals are euthanized!

  • 27. A nice looking shelter

    by: lmpickford

    I looked at the Dumb Friends League but I just don't like the idea that an animal has a time limit.


    Very big and fancy



  • 28. so-so shelter

    by: dolce

    DDFL is not anywhere near the worst animal shelter out there. They have a nice facility and adopt out lots of animals. They do a ton for the community as well.\r\nHowever, I've had some issues with DDFL as well. First of all, look in the cages. Generally, there aren't any beds and blankets, no toys, nothing to entertain them. Second, I support no-kill shelters, and DDFL is not no-kill. Rather they euthanize "unadoptable" animals. Third, they don't pre-screen potential adopters very well, meaning animals can end up in bad situations. Lastly, I had a bad personal experience with them. I brought in a dog with a DDFL tag on him. They knew him the moment we walked in because he had been brought in so many times, found wondering around the neighborhood. Yet even after being lost so many times, they still returned him to his owners. \r\nIt's a good shelter, just not a great shelter.


    very clean, looks very nice


    euthanizes unadoptable animals

  • 29. Not a fan

    by: reillysmom

    I've been to DDFL a few times to look for animals to adopt. Both the facility and the staff seem way too sterile, and customer service was poor. A certain amount of snobbery seemed to be present all times, and the pay for staff is way more than needed when some of that money could go to keeping more animals alive. And euthenasia-I just don't agree. They have saved some animals' lives though . . .


    Saves some animals


    Not a no kill, appearance #1, poor customer service

  • 30. Well funded and good

    by: jewelsndenver

    I have enjoyed many a furry companion from DDFL. I really do enjoy their services and I have them to thank for Lancelot. Now, they are very well funded and do not need the funds as much as other shelters do. \n


    Beautiful, kind staff, nice system, well funded


    Well funded, kill shelter

  • 31. Where are the animals?

    by: zookie

    I got my two cats from DDFL, and I don't regret it. But as I have toured the facility a number of times with friends looking for dogs, I can't help but notice the large number of empty kennels. They have an enormous amount of room for adoptable dogs... so where are they all? Maybe it's a sign that they are adopting animals out quickly, but that can't be all of it. This shelter claims that it must euthanize animals as there are too many homeless ones to handle, but they are obviously not out of space here. Animals are routinely euthanized due to behavioral problems. While this arguably may be necessary for dogs with bite histories, etc, a case of hyperactivity or mild food aggression is NOT a good reason to euthanize a dog. These behavioral problems are easily overcome with good training. It seems that there is too much open space at DDFL... couldn't they help a few more dogs with all their space and resources?


    Nice facility, good service to the community


    too empty, adoptions too easy

  • 32. A nice facility with many services

    by: maryfurman1

    I have been here and they do have a nice facility because they have been around a long time and everyone knows them and gives them money. But it bothers me that they euthanize certain animals. I think they are working on becoming a no kill shelter some day but they are not there yet. I think they do the best they can with their resources to keep the animals as long as possible. At least it seems that way.


    Nice facility, have many services


    They euthanize

  • 33. Help a lot of animals every year...

    by: mainergal

    I had to bring a stray dog into DDFL, before I knew about another shelter in Denver that is a strict no kill. \r\n\r\nI was going to keep him and put out bullitins at all the shelters, but after just one night in my home, he was clashing badly with my female alpha dog. \r\n\r\nI felt horrible taking him to a shelter, but DDFL has a good reputation over all. \r\n\r\nI didnt really like how I was handled when I got there though, the person that helped me when I took the dog in, was very cold and mechanial. I asked if I could call back and check in every day using the dog's number ID they were giving him, and I was informed that once I dropped the dog off, I had no right to know what was going on with him after that. I was flaberghasted at how rude I was being treated, it was like I had asked Them to Call ME every day with an update. \r\n\r\nThe dog's photo was on their stray page for a day, then it was gone. I called and left a voicemail politely asking about the stray, and a very nice lady called me back to tell me his family had come in and claimed him. YEA!!!\r\n\r\nThis has been my only experience with DDFL...


    Clean nice setting, at least out front where I was...


    They do euthanize, not a strict no-kill shelter

  • 34. Got my Lab there

    by: Pagemakerguy

    I got my lab there, who I love to death. They offer great advice and are great. They move a lot of dogs for sure. \r\n\r\nThey can be super busy. \r\n\r\nCheck them out at


    great staff, lots of choice, open daily


    BUSY... BUSY

  • 35. Doing things right

    by: quatrogatos

    We have 3 DDFL cats and I'm disappointed to see people talking about their euthanasia policy. While we would all love to live in a "no-kill" world, DDFL has to bear the largest burden in Denver for abandoned animals and they do it better than most shelters ever would (if you want to see the problems of a large scale city shelter trying to go no kill, just read the press about the Lied shelter in Las Vegas). \r\n\r\nOne of our cats was with DDFL for months and they never gave up on her. They do not put times on animals. They try their best to keep them for as long as they can. I receive their annual report and I feel their numbers are low for the volume they deal with, especially because they turn no animal down at the door.\r\n\r\nDDFL has a wonderful, inviting facility which makes an adopter feel very comfortable. Shelters can be intimidating but their volunteers and staff make everyone feel welcome. DDFL has done a remarkable job integrating with the Denver community and creating long term fundraising relationships. Their annual telethon is so fun to watch. My favorite thing about DDFL is how they maintain relationships with pet owners through education and training classes. \r\n\r\nWe will always be grateful to DDFL for taking care of our girls before we found them and welcomed them into our family.\r\n\r\n


    Incredible facility, great public presence


    Have to bear the burden of Denver's abandoned animals

  • 36. An OK place

    by: KCdoggylover

    When we were looking to adopt a dog we went here first. It felt a little too cold so many dogs not taken out of their cages. We wanted to find a place that new a little bit more about our dog before we got her. This was not the place. More the place for a family looking to pick out a dog and bring it home that day.


    Lots of dogs that need love


    They eliminate dogs that don't find homes

  • 37. Good Shelter in the Denver Area

    by: lsteve928

    The DDFL is one of the nicest shelters in the Denver Area. I have gone there ever since I was a little child and have got a cat, a few ferrets, and a few rabbits from them. The shelter is very clean and has extremely nice facilities. The animals are not crowded by each other and seem to have ample space in each kennel. \n\nThe staff seem to be very knowledgeable and friendly about the animals. \n\nThe only con that I can say about the DDFL is that they are NOT a no-kill shelter. In fact, if we had not taken our cat, she would most likely have been put to sleep because she was a bit sick and nobody wanted to adopt her.


    Clean, nice facilities, variety of animals


    Euthinizes animals

  • 38. beautiful shelter, but still euthanizes animals

    by: julie418

    We adopted our dog from DDFL a couple of years ago and had a wonderful experience with their adoption counselors and staff. It is a great process and they honestly want to make sure animals are going to good homes. The main problem with a shelter of this size, is that it is run more like a factory, so they often do not know much about the animals in their care. Nothing was known about our dog, in particular, they didn't even know he was suffering from an awful stomach flu when we brought him home. At least they cover medical expenses for the first 15 days following adoption, probably to deal with situations like this. I think in a smaller shelter they would have known that the dog was sick and gotten him some help before adopting him out to a family. Overall, we had a very positive experience there, though with how much money they receive, I do wish they would find a way to euthanize fewer, if any, animals.


    wonderful facility, in depth adoption process


    not a no-kill shelter, often there is not much known about the animals

  • 39. A good place, but there may be better options

    by: mattadams

    DDFL is one of hte oldest animal shelters in Denver, and definately one of the nicest. Just walking in the place you feel you are surrounded by luxury and wait for someone to hand you an espresso or something. Then you look at their "price list" and see "euthanasia" listed. What the heck? Fact is, they put down 1/3 of their animals for various reasons, and actually use volunteers to decide which animals to euthanize! Can you imagine?? Check out other no-kill alternatives like MaxFund that might not have the same fancy multi-million dollar facilities or hundreds of employees, but heart and soul, and a true care for animal rather then the bottom line.


    Large, beautifal, extravagently expensive shelter facility


    Not a no-kill, actually a high-kill

  • 40. Place looks very nice but...

    by: Jes77

    With all the money the shelter must obviously have from the apperance of the place why are they still not a no kill shelter?! I dont' understand that. At least they micro-chip.


    Gorgeous for an animal shelter...


    NOT a no-kill.

  • 41. Fanciest shelter in town

    by: Coonsonna

    The Denver Dumb Friends Shelter has come a long way in the past 20 years. They were able to get someone behind them with very deep pockets. Their new facility on Quebec Street has everything a shelter could want. There is enough space for the cats and kittens to have their own spaces, many of the kittens are in little rooms where they can run around while looking adorable. \n\nI adopted my kitty from them 4 years ago and was very impressed by the whole process, from beginning (I filled out a questionnaire about what I wanted and what I could offer) to end (the interview with the adoption councellor).\n\nThe only negatives are that (1) they are not a no kill shelter, and (2) children have to be over 16 (even with a parent present) to volunteer.\n\n


    large facility, clean, well run


    not a no kill shelter

  • 42. Good Shelter

    by: Dillo345

    We got our cat at DDLF. Staff was friendly and also provided a microchip and vaccination for free! Good to the animals


    nice shelter,


    wish other shelters were fiven the same amount of money DDFL is given

  • 43. Our son came from there

    by: brandyjneth

    Our dog was adopted from the DDFL. Great facility and they do good work.


    Great shelter


    Not no kill

  • 44. Wow

    by: Dash

    This shelter is amazing. Even if you are not looking for a pet, you should go see it to see what a beautiful place it is for the animals. The shelter is only the beginning. They do so many great things for animals, it is amazing.


    They do it all