Dent county animal welfare society (dcaws)

P.o. box 565
Salem, MO 65560
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User Reviews (6)

  • 1. Caring people

    by: MelissaQ

    This is a wonderful shelter, I know some of the people who work to help find homes for these animals, and take care of the animals there. You are a great bunch of people. May God Bless the work you do there.




    Noting bad about this place.

  • 2. great

    by: lulubell369

    they rescued my teachers dog and saved the dog they r great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    great with animals , kind , not in it for the money , loves animals



  • 3. Absolute Dedication!

    by: ttmaclean

    We just adopted a Shiba Inu from DCAWS. He was rescued from a puppy mill. The poor little guy had been de-gloved by another dog at the mill and the owners of this puppy mill just decided it wasn't important to get him medical attention. Luckily, DCAWS took him in and saved his leg from possible amputation. His leg was infected and had been unattended to for weeks. They put up the money to get him proper medical attention and find him a good home. I love their dedication to finding the right fit and their determination to care for all animals. This may be a small shelter in a small town, but they have huge hearts and deserve donations and support from our community. They donate their time every weekend to find homes for cats and dogs at the Brentwood Promenade Petsmart in St. Louis, Missouri. I just met someone last night who also rescued their dog from this shelter. They gave them two thumbs up as well.\n\nThey allowed us to foster the dog to make sure he was a good match for our other dog. He has been a perfect fit and we were so happy with our whole adoption experience.


    They try to find homes for all rescued dogs!


    Haven't encountered one yet!

  • 4. they never give up on a pet

    by: janeemiller

    I adopted a little dog who was dropped off at the shelter door with a broken jaw and baby teeth coming out of his throat. DCAWS paid for necessary surgery so Murphy could have a chance for a happy life. He manages well now and plays happilly with his long tongue hanging out the side of his half toothless mouth. DCAWS is a great little shelter.


    they are a shelter founded on love and determination


    always struggling to keep up with homeless pets that keep on coming


    by: charlottewhite

    The Dent County Animal Shelter started with a little and still, after 17 years, operates on a shoestring ... and yet is a no-kill shelter in a small rural area. They love the cats and dogs and do all sorts of promtions to get them adopted, drive miles and miles to adoption events.


    Trying really hard


    Too many pets for the space

  • 6. This shelter is dynamite!

    by: flowerflyby

    DCAWS is a wonderful shelter/rescue organization that does amazing things with very little resources. The animals are well taken care of and loved. The staff and volunteers are highly dedicated.


    dedicated staff and volunteers, compassion for the animals, high adoption rate


    little resources