Denham springs animal shelter

600 bowman stt
Denham springs, LA 70726

User Reviews (4)

  • 1. Doing the best they can

    by: KGoff21

    Although they are very small I've got to say they really do the best they can and They really do help


    Doing there best



  • 2. this is a NO-KILL shelter.


    the parish needs more donations to open one in livingston parish. this shelter is only able to take inside city limits animals, with proof of residence/driv. license. they'd love to do more, but no funds. the are the only NO-KILL shelter. even if u see an animal run over right by the shelter, they are unable to get the animal if u bring it to them. they want to do more, but their hands are tied as livingston parish is illegally not following the law. they have broken laws for fifteen yrs , as a state law says they must have a shelter and they do not. if u r not in city limits of the shelter, they can not help you or them animals. sad situation that the parish could care less for its poor animals that are brutelly abused purposely as the people in this parish are unbeleivably sadistic towards animals. the parish wants to look out and keep the hunters happy, not the people nor animals that need the services. livingston parish is scared of the hunters and bow down to them.




    needs improvments, more funding

  • 3. Answer

    by: RGarcia

    I'm goin to try and go there tomorrow.




    Can't say anything bad about it.

  • 4. Denham Springs is a no kill Animal Shelter

    by: glahaye

    The shelter is small and they could absolutely use some donations and volunteers. The staff works hard to keep things clean and care for the animals. Their care includes play time and socialization, not just feeding and cleaning cages. I would love to see them expand in both room and staff so they can keep up with the ever expanding city of Denham Springs.


    Only no kill municiple shelter in the state


    Often short on room because of their no kill policy