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Delilah's Pet Shop

1320 N. College Ave.
Bloomington, IN 47404

User Reviews (8)


    by: amandawes

    Don't shop here. Yes, it's great that they're locally owned- but they use breeders to supply their animals they sell, which is just bad. Even petsmart advocates shelter adoption. For every dog or cat or rabbit you buy from here, one dies in a shelter because it couldn't find a home. Also, they are SUPER overpriced. Only go here if your pet is on a super special diet that you can't get anywhere else in town. The staff has also been snobby to me in the past, and the store always look terrible and unorganized when I go in. It's also hard to navigate your way around the store.


    locally owned, has some hard-to-find stuff, some knowledgable staff


    gross and messy, overpriced, sells companion animals when they should be advocating shelter adoptions, rude staff

  • 2. Not the nicest place

    by: Darra

    I took 3 of my large dogs in for baths and grooming and was very dissatisfied. The place really smells bad and they acted like I was a bother. They called me at work and told me to "come get my dog now" because she won't stop barking. Hmmmm...she's a dog in a strange place...


    Convenient location


    Smells, not nice

  • 3. Great place for puppies!

    by: mylilcalla

    I love visiting Delilah's pet store. They usually have a large number of puppies on site and they don't buy from puppie mills.\r\n\r\nI't s agreat place to stop and spend some time. The people who work there are knowledgeable and are more than willing to explain things in great detail.


    Kind pet loving people, lots of puppies


    A bit pricey on food and hard to get into the parking lot sometimes

  • 4. Great grooming!

    by: Zoesmom5

    Delilah's groomers are excellent and knowledgeable. They have great rapport with my dogs, and their cuts are of consistently high quality. The downside...in recent years, one has had to plan well ahead to schedule an appointment. A testament to their expertise, I'm sure, but difficult for those of us with an urgent grooming situation that can't wait several weeks.


    Excellent groomers, knowledgeable staff


    It is often very difficult to obtain a grooming appointment

  • 5. We got our puppy there

    by: rjmoberg

    I know I paid too much for my puppy. I really wanted a particular type of dog due to allergies that I wasn't going to find at the shelter. I fell in love and have a great dog. I don't know if they get puppies from puppy mills, I had gotten the impression that they didn't. They have been good about advice.


    We had good experience


    puppies too expensive

  • 6. Great for fish and fish advice

    by: hahna

    I got a new tank and fish at a franchise store. They allowed me to make many mistakes which resulted in the fish dying. On the other hand I went to Delilah to find a solution to my problem and they were tremendously helpful. I have probably been in 10 times in the last 2 years to have my water tested (free of charge) and advice. If you have fish problems go here!


    Great source for fish


    Not sure about their puppy sales

  • 7. Locally owned

    by: csweet

    We purchased a wonderful puppy there. I went there because I understood that they did not use puppy mills. I do think our dog was overpriced for a non registered dog. The staff was very helpful and seemed to be caring. I know they have been an excellent source of advice to my daughter with her fish problems.


    Locally owned


    Unknown source of pets

  • 8. Owner knows pet business

    by: JamesHaverstock

    This a locally-owned store, which is a good thing for Bloomington. The owner is very knowledgable about pet foods and supplements that may assist you in choosing a safe food for your pet. Most foods and other supplies always in stock. Have a nice grooming service on site which is quite reasonably priced.


    Extensive line of good pet foods.


    Selection less than big box stores.