Delaware Humane Association

701 A Street
Wilmington, DE 19801

User Reviews (8)

  • 1. Great place to adopt a pet

    by: Mommacat2

    DHA is a reputable organization that has been doing good work for homeless animals in Delaware for over 50 years. They also support animal owners in the community with low cost spaying and neutering and vaccinations. The staff and volunteers are friendly and helpful, and seem really passionate about providing a great temporary home for the animals in their care (whether at the shelter or in foster homes), and finding them good homes. They facility is clean and the animals are well-cared for, getting plenty of love and exercise. But don't take my word for it, go check out the shelter for yourself. Your visit will be the best testimonial there is.


    Friendly, helpful staff and volunteers; clean facility and well-cared for animals


    Facility is showing it's age (but I hear they're rebuilding soon)

  • 2. A Wonderful Organization!!

    by: Smile4Katie

    I have visited the DHS many times and Photographed many of their Adoptables. I love the large amount of outdoor space they provide for their dogs! Having the opp. to run out their energy is great! Never found the right baby for me there but that's ok. The only thing I found negative is that the long time staff seems to be very desensitized to people. I do understand that this happens when dealing with rescue for a long time, I just don't approve of it when dealing with the people coming in to adopt. I am supporting this group for the Makeover! Katie


    The space provided to the Animals is Fabulous.


    I think the staff is desensitized.

  • 3. this is the Best

    by: Aran

    15 years ago I adopted 2 cats from the Delaware Humane - both of them are still with me. And just last year I adopted my dog, Aran. They were extremely knowledgeable, and made sure that I would be a responsible owner. Aran, my husband and I went thru their Basic Dog Training classes and it really helped. I just wish they could expand the facility so that they can help more animals


    All my animals came from here


    Small, needs more space

  • 4. Great Shelter, Friendly Staff

    by: isntitgreyt

    I have been to this shelter twice and both times had a great experience. Very friendly staff, wonderful animals, and everyone ready to help out.


    Clean, Staff Friendly, Good hours


    A little far from me


    by: stephm0219

    This organization is amazing. I volunteer here and love every single minute of it. This is a NO KILL shelter which in itself earns them a 5 in my book. Their program at Petsmart is amazing, it gets the public involved in animals and educates them about DHA. All the animals are treated extremely well and the people who work here really love what they do. I am so impressed with this place. I recently adopted from them too and am so happy with my new friend!!!


    Caring of their animals, outreach to public and volunteer program


    no cons, there are some miscommunication but it's a busy place and very understandable

  • 6. Great Shelter

    by: jhagelin

    I got my ridgeback from this shelter last year and they were wonderful. The staff and volunteers really care about the animals that come in and they do their best to ensure that the animals find a good home. The DE Humane Assoc. was my dog's third shelter and they resuced him from Kent Co., MD. You can tell the people there do the best they can to make sure the animals are cared for and loved. I have a great respect for them will go there again in the future.


    Caring staff and great volunteers



  • 7. Great Place

    by: phoenix5

    I adopted my wonderful cat, Kiwi, from the Delaware Humane Assn. almost 11 years ago. I have always found the staff there very helpful and caring about the animals.


    Lots of cats when I was looking for a cat.


    No cons.

  • 8. Great Place

    by: LeannYeo

    I moved from the state of Delaware a year ago, and this a great place for the babies to end up. I found an abandoned kitten, 2 weeks old, on a Friday night. They had it with a foster mommy by Sunday. The staff was very helpful. They gave me tips over the weekend since at that point I hadn't bottle fed a kitten before. (My how things change) I fealt really bad about not keeping the baby, but at the time we couldn't. They talked to me about the kind of person he would be with. Very much put me at ease.\nThey also follow up on adoptions. A family I lived next door to got phone calls every year to make sure the dog was ok and still with them. They are just super and really care about the animals they take in. I can't say enough. They are very respected in that area and I saw why first hand.


    Amazing folks