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  • 1. Animal Nazis

    by: missyc

    went to the Delaware SPCA's website and found a cat I wanted to adopt after recently losing a cat (she was hit). After e-mailing and speaking to the rep at the SPCA, meeting with the animal at her foster home, then e-mailing my application to the rep, I went to pick the cat up and hand in the application in person. The lobby, as described by many, was busy, crowded, and smelly, but it was a Saturday, right after they opened. The person I had been corresponding to found me pretty quickly and I was taken to see the cat. The poor thing was curled up in a ball in a tiny steel cage, barely resembling the animal I met at the foster home. I assured the cat I was taking her home and she would soon be out of the cage. I had all my paperwork ready and gave it to the female, after a moment she said "this cat is going to be indoor/outdoor?" I affirmed what I had written on my application (which had been e-mailed to them the week before) and explained to her my strategy of having the cat indoors only for at least 6 months before allowing it outdoors supervised for a month, then teaching it to use the cat door I provided for my cats. I also explained I left a window opened so the cats had access to a porch roof during the summer to sun themselves. She looked at me and said "our policy is for cats to be indoors only." My jaw dropped; I explained I lived on a 22 acre farm and if I suspected the cat was going near the road, I wouldn't be allowing her out, but I also didn't force my cats out, they had access to come and go as they please . She went to consult the manager, but came back after a minute and said "our policy is indoors only." I told her if she wanted me to lie on the application that was fine, but would they rather leave the cat (a black one, notoriously hard to adopt out) in a cage for an indefinite period then give it to someone who would love and pamper it. She threw my application in the trash and said thank you for your time. Nothing I said was in an angry tone; I had tears streaming down my face, thinking about leaving the poor cat there. I found and tried appealing to the person I had been e-mailing and talking to on the phone, but she also said it is our policy. So why didn't anybody tell me about this policy before I drove out there? Why isn't this policy on their website? And more importantly, they would rather keep in a tiny steel cage, or potentially kill, a cat rather then give it to someone who would give it love and give it free reign over a house and 22 acres? Can someone tell me the sense in that?


    Are there any?


    Nazis, would rather kill the animals then adopt them out

  • 2. DC SPCA

    by: chazsgirl

    this place had animals that have not been cared for and they don't care for them either. I got a cat from there a long time ago and she was the best cat ever but had worms when we got her, something that they could have fixed, and she had liver issues, they need to clean up their act! the poor dog section was terrible, it ashame these poor animals have to be taken care of so poorly!


    not sure


    uncared for animals

  • 3. My Volunteer Experience

    by: stephm0219

    OK so I don't want to be overly nasty and I hope that if this review gets back to the shelter that they make some changes. I volunteered here for a year or so. And I have to agree with the previous posting about volunteering here. The staff is not very volunteer friendly. They seemed annoyed when you asked them questions or were "in the way" There is not a lot of room there and we did the best we could to take care of the animals, which was priority one. I worked with the small animals because no one else did. The staff never went into that room. I can not tell you how many time I went in there to find the cages a mess, the animals with no water in the middle of summer or food bowls empty. Poor Bunnies! One time I went there to find a dead rabbit, DEAD and cold. It had obviously been days since someone went in there and when I brought this to their attention it was not made a big deal at all. How disheartening. What if I were a potential adopter and saw that? And bunnies can smell death, I'm sure the other rabbits were scared for days. Needless to say I have stopped going there because it is just too frustrating. Sometimes I go in and just check on the animals but we as volunteers should be appreciated, we are doing this for free and yet the staff was so rude to us all. I think the adoption policy is fine. It is good to make sure people have vet references and are allowed to have pets in their home. Even when my mom's dog passed away and I donated food, medicine, toys and leashes to this shelter, not even a thank you was said. Just a "leave it by the door". The staff really needs to have better management. People who give their time and donations should be appreciated. I feel sorry for the animals here. I really hope some positive changes are made.


    Animals are wonderful


    The Staff is horrible

  • 4. Frustrating to Deal With

    by: Ned

    We've adopted several very nice cats from this organization and found the experience to be exhausting.\r\nFirst you have to find some help, then the animal you want has to be tested, which depends on availability of the vet, and then you have to check out. It took several hours for us to get out of there.\r\nThe animals are great though.


    Hopefully are Improving


    So Hard to Deal With

  • 5. Volunteer experience

    by: michellemay

    My friend and I volunteered here a few years ago and we did not have a good experience. The staff seemed to resent the volunteers. They seemed to want us to get bit or hurt by the animals and even made jokes about it. The animals were all great.




    Treatment of volunteers

  • 6. We adopted the greatest cat from here

    by: GremlinsMom

    A number of years ago, we adopted a cat from this shelter and were very pleased with the process. However, we were saddened by the recent news of a cat being euthanized at this shelter, as the owners tried desperately to get their pet back. It's my understanding that they have improved their procedures and hopefully, nothing like this will happen in the future.


    Caring staff


    The made a big mistake recently

  • 7. I rescued 2 cats from the Delco SPCA

    by: Marlittledevil

    I saved 2 of my cats from here and when I had to put my one dog to sleep (cause of tumors) I took her to the SPCA (cause we didnt have the money to have her cremated) and they were very thoughful in dealing with the situation.


    Great Staff


    Over crowding and needs a makeover!

  • 8. Max

    by: lexy10

    I got my Max, a persian from Delaware county SPCA last year. The shelter itself was pretty nice, clean. Very crowded. Max was given to me with a pretty bad cold and an eye infection. They sent me home with antibiotics and some eye medicine and eye wash after the vet there cleared him to go. With in 2 days his eye ruptured and he almost lost his eye. A very kind vet saved his eye. Had I known how serious the eye was I would have taken him to the vet as soon as I got him. They just need to be a bit more careful with the sick animals. The staff was very nice


    lots of animals to choose from


    too busy to be thorough