Del Ray Animal Hospital

524 East Mount Ida Avenue
Alexandria, VA 22301

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  • 1. Local Vet

    by: courtwalks

    This place seems pretty nice, every time I go there are too many dogs though. I don't know if this is a hit against them but right before the pet food scare last year, my cat got really sick (he used to eat the food from the recall) and at the time the offered to do "exploratory surgery". \r\nAlso, Ajax is on Authority Lite cat food, three ounces wet food and three ounces dry food. Without asking how much we feed him the vet automatically assumed since he is between 12 and 13 pounds that we are feeding him too much. I am afraid if I cut his food >again< he will eat me in my sleep. It would have been nice for her to ask how much he is being fed.


    Speedy, friendly service


    Too many dogs