Degarmo dog park

545 vallombrosa avenue
Chico, CA 95926

User Reviews (16)

  • 1. DeGarmo Dog Park Pros & Cons

    by: mparachou

    I use to go to the dog park every day with my dog because she loved to play with the other dogs. Until one day someones dog kept attacking her for no reason. The lady said her dog was just playing but I disagree. Her dog kept attacking and biting my dog in a not so playful manner. My dog loves to play with boxers and wrestle.I can tell when a dog is playing or fighting. My dog loves to play chase and never bites other dogs. I don't go to DeGarmo any more because of the people that let their dogs attack other dog and laugh and think its funny. I feel bad for not taking her to the park but I am tired of people breaking the rules!


    Great place to let your dog play with other dogs.


    Some of the dogs at the park are not trained and attack other dogs.

  • 2. Great for larger dogs!

    by: sequoia7601

    First off- DeGarmo is *NOT* on Vallombrosia! It's off the Esplanade behind Shasta Elementary on the North end of town :) It is usually clean and well-lit with lot's of water available, and for the most part, good owners with good dogs are there. I absolutely love it and try to get my dogs out there at least once a week as they have so much fun. The good points have been covered extensively by others, so I'll share my 3 biggest concerns: 1) As the owner of larger dogs (45 lbs. and up) this park is FANTASTIC. If I were a small dog owner however, I would be leery of having my dog loose when a lot of larger dogs are out. For example, my Rott mix is *usually* great with small dogs and plays with them very gently (and has had a blast with a pack of Pugs recently at the park!). But when he's having fun he's a big goof and can accidentally hurt a small dog. Also, I've seen light-hearted play with a small dog included, suddenly turn into the small dog becoming the *object* of play for the larger dogs. 2) Intact males and females are OK there, as long as the female is not in heat. I know they need to socialize as well, but I've seen too many fights break out to be comfortable with this. I've already had 2 intact males pick fights with my larger neutered male. 3) People do NOT always respect the "No children under 8" rule. I have seen several kids get knocked down by dogs running around, but worse were the close calls on bites. My older dog is not very tolerant of children and I have had to run up to grab him away from toddlers innocently trying to pet him while the parents watched- not once, but THREE times!


    Plenty of water; they've made clean-up easy; great size


    Can be hard for smaller dogs; muddy in the winter; intact dogs are welcome

  • 3. DeGarmo Dog Park is WONDERFUL addition to dog walking

    by: novia123

    DeGarmo is a wonderful dog park because it always seems to have anywhere from a few people/dogs to 30 or 40 during after work times. They recently installed more high overhead lights so you can come later in the evening and I feel comfortable there after dusk as long as there are a few others there and the lights help more people to come at those times, I think. The park provides plastic benches and chairs, (greatly appreciated by me) for use by people (and dogs?) around the perimeter and there is a large circular metal trough next to a water hose people can fill up and change the water in themselves to let the dogs jump in and cool off. There are also two water drinking fountains for both people and lower fountains close to the ground so the dogs have fresh water fountain quality water to drink from. The gravel area is nice and long for the dogs to run on and play on. The grass area (about 1/3 of the park's area) gets mushy and muddy after rain, so it would be nice if it drained better or was thicker quality grass, or astroturf, or even just gravel, so it would be more usable after rain has stopped, and dogs feet wouldnt get so muddy in it, but it is still nice to have some grass and not all gravel area. Toys are not allowed in the park rules (I guess so dog's dont possibly tussle over them) so it would be nice if there was a low to the ground heavy tire anchored to the ground by ties that the dogs could be coaxed to jump through as a stimulating activity in the park because sometimes they stand around but if there was a constructive activity I think I could coax my dog to learn to jump through the tire with verbal praise, which would exercise her witho ut causing conflict with other dogs, I think. Or some plastic lightweight poles they could be taught to run in and out of (like skiers do on downhill races) wh ich would be safe and give the dogs who don't always like to fetch and retrieve balls something stimulating to do and to focus on and hopefully make it more fun to exercise them, if there arent other dogs at the time that they are inclined to start playing with in the park. Directly outside the dog park are acres of land/park unfenced for human use, including a baseball diamond, and nbehind that, empty unused unweeded dirt area of more unused acreage, so it seems like there is room for another separate dog park for small dogs only, for those who feel more comfortable with their dogs being around others of their same size. But for the most part, I have only seen the large, medium and smaller dogs interact positively in this park for all dog sizes. Overall, I am grateful this dog park exists, and think the city of Chico could use another dog park on the opposite end of town. This is the only dog park I have ever been to, and I appreciate the chance for my dog to play and socialize with her canine friends, as I only have one dog and my dog is very sociable and likes to play a lot with other animals.


    Clean well lighted at night, fenced in area with water trought


    Too small, needs a constructive activity like hoop/tire jump

  • 4. Maybe not the best park?

    by: Dempseylola

    I am not a big fan of the DeGarmo Park. It is way too small and big and little dogs would be best seved seperated! Most owners just don't really know the rules and just stand around, having conversations not watching their dog(s). By now the place stinks very bad. The garbage cans are not changed enough. I know of some dogs getting sick after being in the pool or drinking the water in it. There have been several dog fights, with injuries. I strongly recommend to only take dogs that can really handle lots of dogs in a smaller space. Also be responsible! have a trained dog and spay and neuter the dogs! plus pick up ur poop!! I actually think it is better at the tree farm where there is room to walk and play!


    a place to let the dog run and play


    too many untrained dogs and owners








  • 6. DeGarmo is fun!

    by: ChicoAnimalLover

    DeGarmop is a great, big dog park. Maggie has lots of fun there. I like the rest of the park better though. Sometimes the dogs there are mean or spastic...




    mean dogs sometimes

  • 7. Potential For Great Park, Depends On The Crowd

    by: ncacy

    The majority of the time, I have great experiences taking my dog to DeGarmo. Most people are good owners and follow the rules, however, it only takes one dog to ruin the energy of the rest of the pack. The "regular" crowd when I usually go is fantastic! The dogs get to know each other and are so happy to play. I find that it's best to avoid high traffic times, such as late mornings on the weekends and after work during the week. Please follow the rules and don't bring intact males! It really can ruin it for everyone! The most disturbing incident I've experienced at DeGarmo was a fight between two people!


    Enclosed area for off-leash playing, socialization


    Bad owners who don't follow the rules or control their dogs

  • 8. nice place?


    We have used the park 2 to 4 times per week since it opened. It's a great place for dogs to be socialized. It is a bit of a gas waster getting there and contending with the "school mom" traffic at certain hours can be a real beach. It could be a much better experience if the humans would spend more time supervising and cleaning up after their dogs. I applaude those of you who clean up regardless of whether it's your loved one who left the pile. Thank You. We also use the dog park at South Lake Tahoe which has a small dog area, this would be a great addition for those folks who fear their small breed or pup may get trampled. This does not need to be an overly large area and can be added to one edge of the current dog area. In Tahoe you enter the same gated entry area and then choose door "A" or door "small dog". Please clean up after yourselves and DON'T bring an aggressive dog to the park to try and socialize it.


    good socializing place ,room to run


    too far north of town, no small dog area, uneducated humans

  • 9. Nice Park but not for my dogs

    by: chicopam

    We took our Boston Terriers to this park and I was impressed by how nice it is, but my dogs had a hard time with some of the dogs there. There were several large and medium size aggressive dogs whose owners didn't have much control over them. My dogs couldn't run without being knocked over and my little male finally just sat with his back to the fence afraid to go out in the open. My dogs love to run and play but this was not a good, safe situation for them. It would be better if there was a separate small dog area where the little guys could play in relative safety. I know little dogs fight too but at least they can't kill with one bite like a big dog can. Just before we left, a dog fight broke out with two large dogs attacking my friends sweet medium size terrier. Fortunatly no one was physically hurt, but we were all traumatized to the point that I will not go back there.


    Clean and attractive,nice doggy drinking fountains


    Only one area for all sized dogs

  • 10. nice little park

    by: BlackAddy

    This is a nice little park with a good substrate for running and playing without getting too muddy. It's a little small but still enough room to romp. It would be nice if it was a little closer to the heart of Chico but as with anything here nothing is THAT far away.




    distance from town, small

  • 11. Nice park!

    by: PittsPackLeading

    DeGarmo is a great dog park to take your dog to, provided it has had a walk before. Do not take intact males or unspayed females. Most of the owners are very responsible and their dogs are pleasant. Since this is on the north side of town, not too many people are willing to make the trip there, which can be good or bad. I do like this place for socialization. However, follow all the rules, keep your poop picked up, and do not take your dog there to burn energy. It should be a reward for good behavior.


    Funded by CARD


    Not centrally located

  • 12. Chico Needed this!

    by: Danorbarn

    Buddy loves this place. He never had a chance to associate with other dogs off leash before and this is doing him a world of good. I take him there at least twice a week to see his friends and get him some much needed exercise.


    A great open space with plenty of parking


    Mud holes in the grass

  • 13. new kind of park!

    by: sandysfriend

    When my kids were small I would take them to a play ground to let them play with other children. A benefit was that I always got to chat with other moms and we would almost always talk about our children! Well now my kids don't want to go to the park with me so I take my dogs. Now that Degarmo has this nice little dog park I take my dogs there to play with other dogs. A benefit is that I get to chat with other dog owners and we talk about our dogs! The dog park was a great idea and we enjoy it there. It is good for the community to because people (and dogs) make friends there.


    great visitors


    some people dont clean the poop up

  • 14. Fenced Dog Park Yah

    by: JudyNB

    Great place for on and off leash. Glad its open


    easy to find


    could be bigger

  • 15. Really nice!

    by: Marleydog

    I met my friend here just the other day. What a nice space. She had her dog with, but I really wish my pup had been with, too!! Can't wait to go back again!


    Large space for doggie fun!


    Took a long time to finally open!

  • 16. really nice park

    by: etherealmm

    Very large off leash park