Deer creek animal hospital pet grooming

10148 west chatfield avenue
Littleton, CO 80127
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User Reviews (10)

  • 1. Very caring staff

    by: justvisiting

    The staff at Deer Creek has always been so caring towards our cat, and have gone out of their way to help. We can take our pet there and feel confident about the care she will receive.


    Caring staff and complete care


    Cat is scared of the other animals in the waiting room

  • 2. Sound competent

    by: lmpickford

    I always like to hear where people take their pets and it sounds like this place has some very competent staff and vets.





  • 3. AWESOME Place

    by: Bulliemommy

    I have had experience with several of the vets at this hospital and every single one is great and very knowledgeable! Dr. Brod and Dr. Lupe have performed surgeries on my dogs and I must say they are both very good! Dr. Rezac is also very good at what he does.


    appointments 7 days a week and evenings, courteous staff, knowledgeable doctors clean facility


    somewhat pricy

  • 4. wow

    by: Bernergirl

    This place has nothing but great reviews. It's always good to know of competent vets, even if they aren't in your backyard. I will visit Deer Creek in the future, for medical care or grooming needs.


    great reputation


    far from my house

  • 5. Deer Creek Animal Hospital Littleton Co

    by: Jzikobai

    Only had one visit to this vet. They were extremely rude to my 5 year old son when he asked to use the restroom and told him there was not one for clients only staff. I had to have my daughter take him across the street while I waited for the vet. When I brought this to the vets attention, she told me that my children must be lying as there is a restroom for clients. My children were not lying as I was there when they were told this. I would not suggest telling clients they are liars as part of a good business practice. Then she skimmed through an exam on our puppy, maybe 2 minutes long, and then tried to push the clinics extra services on us. Such as puppy training etc. She could not even answer basic questions I had about my puppy. Horrible!


    It was clean.


    Staff was rude and horrible.

  • 6. Always wonderful

    by: beekirn

    I have been taking my pets to DCAH for over 4 years and the only time I have had a long wait was when an emergency came in right before me. \r\n\r\nDr. DeLoatch is incredible!!! She is educated holisticly and doesn't run for the antibiotics the minute you walk in the door. She also presrcibed a mixture of Chinese herbs when my Bulldog was severely overweight. They worked great and probably saved his life. They also saved his life when he had gastric torsion. Dr. Cox did the procedure and follow-up. He is also wonderful.\r\n\r\nWhen my kitty Bonnie was developing fluid on her lungs and we didn't know why, the staff was great about letting stay in the back where she could see me and I could talk to her while she was in the oxygen tank. Then when we got the tests back and there was nothing they could do, Dr DeLoatch was so very caring and understanding. Its not everyday that your vet cares enough to cry with you. \r\n\r\nThey even have a vet that specializes in iguanas.\r\n\r\nI wouldn't dream of taking my animals anywhere else.\r\n


    Always someone to talk to


    35 min drive from my house

  • 7. WOw! These guys ROCK

    by: DroolSpeak

    You get what you pay for at Deer Creek! And Check out their pet boarding facilities downstairs -- Wow! It's the Ritz for pets!\r\n\r\nI am always impressed with the service, and caring staff. \r\n\r\nKudos!


    They offer great care!



  • 8. Sorry but

    by: reillysmom

    When I lived in this area, when Deer Creek Vet Clinic was run by Dan and Ray in a small shopping center, and then had the new place built and moved in there. When it was a smaller operation (about 5 vets) it was great. They really knew their clients, and the vets tried to stay with "their" clients. As time went on though, that all disappeared. I had 2 dogs who developed medical conditions, they didn't catch in time, and I was heartbroken. The vets felt bad too, but that didn't bring my animals back.


    Knowledgeable staff


    Too big, lost their touch

  • 9. Only in an emergency

    by: dolce

    I tried this place because it is right down the street from me. I was excited because it came highly recommended and has lots of awards and such. They also offer 24 hour emergency care, which is comforting. However, the care my dog got there was less than comforting. First of all, they weren't very warm and welcoming. Very professional - but I wouldn't call them very warm and friendly. Also i went their a couple times, figuring I should give them more than one chance - only to come across different staff each time. At my old vet, I saw the same guy every time and he KNEW my pets. I also was constantly waiting forever. What really put me off though was the unnessary prescriptions and tests. My dog vomited twice in one week, so I thought I'd take her in. At first they told me it was nothing, but then decided to run a couple expensive tests. My dog is a very fearful one and they made her go back with them to do a fecal, rather than having me bring one in. When it came back clear, they prescribed me meds just to keep her from vomiting!! I never used them and she didn't vomit again. I thought it was outragous to prescribe meds just to keep her from vomiting - especially when she had vomited only twice in a week!! \r\nI don't plan on ever going back there, unless it's an emergency.


    Comes highly recommended


    Horrible staff and very over-priced

  • 10. Professional and Caring

    by: maya4me

    Doc Sam Lane knows his stuff... dishing clear understandable vet advice while maintaining calmness in Dog. The clinic is exceptional and clean, with do-it-yourself pet weigh-in, and separated waiting rooms for Dog and Cat. The smallish seating areas are separated by aquariums to provide many distinct waiting rooms without the closed-in feeling of walls. The clinic is open and bright throughout.


    User friendly for Boy and Dog


    Busy waiting area.