De kalb county humane society/ shelter

5221 us highway 6
Butler, IN 46721
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User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Great Place

    by: Sugarpi24

    I volunteered at this shelter years ago, and its a great shelter! A lot of things have improved over the years and thats a thanks to the community and the staff. The people know their facts and truely care about the animals. I really like the cat room that they had where the cats could roam and you could go in and pet them and love on them. Its just sad to see that there isnt enough space for EVERY animal that goes through there. Thats the same in every shelter i suppose. But they try their best to help every animal they can. I strongly urge people to visit this shelter and adopt an animal or just donate whatever you can.


    Great customer service, people that care, clean



  • 2. Needs Community Support

    by: denali

    This shelter is a small shelter with limited funds and they are doing the best that they can with what they have. They need to ask for more help from the community and the community needs to support the shelter more. They almost ran out of food not long ago and the community responded when asked. Keep up the good work, ask for volunteers and help when needed.


    Working hard