Davis Blvd Animal Clinic

6001 Davis Blvd
North Richland Hills, TX 76180

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Dr. Peek is awesome!!!

    by: starone98

    My mom's chihuahua had a collapsed trachea and Dr. Peek was fantastic! Chobie went to the emergency vet the night it happened because it was after hours but was transported to Dr. Peek first thing the next morning. Dr. Peek is thorough, caring and always makes pet owners feel like he has all the time in the world to talk to them, he never makes it seem rushed. We love Dr. Peek!!!


    Friendly, courteous staff, caring, knowledgeable doctor



  • 2. It pays to have a family Vet

    by: dfreeman

    Where do I begin.....\r\nThey have saved the lives of two of our dogs in the last 2 yrs....\r\nThis clinic is Dr. Peek....OMG...He is wonderful. Can go awhile without having to see him and he can remember my gang instantly. We have been seeing him for 5 yrs and wouldn't ever leave.\r\nWe found ourselves with an orphaned, malnurished, American Pit Bull Terrier, (I write about him in another review)...Named him Rusty (he's a red brindle). He contracted Parvo about two month's after we got him. He got out and our neighbor found him and instead of letting my other neighbor put him back in our yard after he put our German Shepard, The neighbor with my Pit decides to turn him into the pound. So my new little boy was locked up over night in the local pound. (I write about this neighbor in another review). Well, that's where we believe he contracted Parvo. \r\nNow, we get him into see Dr. Peek and of course he diagnosed Parvo and proceeds to give us a rough estimate of what it might take to get him back to being healthy. We already fell in love with Rusty....that boy isn't going anywhere. However, it was quite a bit of money and we really needed to be able to use our Care Credit but they didn't except it there any more......that needs to change.....we still love them though. Anyway, we confered over it and decided that it would be easier with xmas just around the corner to take him to where ever Dr. Peek would recommend and who takes Care Credit. He did find us someone immediately....but....just before sending Rusty out the door with us, he told us to let him stay there with them he would flood him with fluids (he was horribly dehydrated), and thought that maybe with the fact that he found Rusty to have Whipworm and thought it might be making the Parvo worse so with treating them both aggressively he may be able to shorten his hospital stay (that was a pretty big portion of the estimate). He knew us as responsible pet owners and knew that if he sent Rusty home with us he would be well taken care of. \r\nMan was he right. Rusty bounced back quick took him home in 48 hrs. Sound asleep in my son's room right now he is. \r\nDr. Peek didn't want to lose our buisness. We could have left there and went to where he recommended and we may have spent the amount in the original esitmate. Dr Peek was willing to take a loss just to keep us from going somewhere else. In the end, he didn't have to take a loss. With Rusty's quick turnaround and Dr. Peek taking the time to think out the whole senario we paid less than half the original estimate and Dr. Peek didn't have to comp anything (That would have been nice though. Just kidding....)\r\nWould any other place put as much thought into it? Would they have looked at he relationship of the whipworm and the symptoms? Nope, they would have just admitted him and kept him until he was fully recovered (that can also be a good thing). You're looking at about a 3 to 5 days in the hospital. Cha Ching!!!! \r\nWe love our Vet....he just needs to get care credit.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n


    Name it!!!!


    Doesn't take care credit