Davie Dog Park

4635 Pineville-matthews Road
Charlotte, NC 28226

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  • 1. On the Run

    by: stepholb

    I've taken my dog to Davie Park because it's an off leash dog park and I don't have a fenced in back yard. This allows my dog(s) to run with other dogs unleashed and drain some energy. I like that they have separate areas for small dogs vs large dogs. They have a pump for water when your dog gets thirsty and there's usually a ball or two lying around that you can throw. It's a great place for the humans too because you can meet other people who care about animals. Of course there are a few, just like with any group of people, that don't watch their dog or pick up after it, but overall it's been a positive experience and was worth the $35 for the fee which they're getting rid of some time this year. Not sure if that will help or hurt the parks but I understand they have a hard time enforcing the permits.


    separate runs for large & small dogs, fenced in, off the road


    not enough small dogs