Davidsonville Veterinary Clinic

3725 Tanglewood Lane
Davidsonville, MD 21035

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  • 1. Dr. Pelura is great

    by: KIX51

    A couple of years ago, Robbie, my 30+ year old Welsh pony got a nasty case of pneumonia in the dead of winter. Dr. Pelura came out and did all he could - intubating and doing saline washes. When his condition drastically worsened overnight, Dr. Pelura came out the following morning and explained that Robbie had likely aspirated something, his lungs were infected, and the best thing would be to put him to sleep. Since he didn't have a technician with him, he talked my mom and me through the whole thing, explaining what he was going to do and what we needed to do. He was just very honest and frank throughout everything, and I am so appreciative of that.