Darby's Doghouse

3609 52nd Street
Kenosha, WI 53144

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  • 1. Would Definitely Go To Again

    by: ddt0725

    This was my first visit to Darby's. My previous groomer retired. I have 3 dogs and brought two of them, my cocker spaniel and my cavalier/pomeranian mix. My pomeranian has to be on a mild tranquilizer when I take him due to frightening past experiences. The staff was very patient and understanding. They took everything very slow and easy with him to help him be comfortable and not afraid, which I was extremely impressed with. He was fine and they said they were able to do everything they needed to do with him. With it being a first visit, I told them even if they only get as far as a bath and brushing it would be ok for now just to slowly get him used to them. He came out looking pretty much the same as when he went in except his paws were nicely shaven and his ears looked trimmed. I wish they would have cut his coat a lot more than they did. It's ok for a first time, I will stress that I want it shorter in areas next time. For my cocker, everything was perfect except one side of his mouth was missed alittle in the shaving. Which is no big deal, I guess. Other than that, everything was cut & shaved as requested and he looks beautiful! Price wise, it is much pricier than where I was taking them but I'm willing to pay it if my cavalier/pomeranian is treated as patiently as he was this first time around. I did call around and their fee was close to others in the area so I guess I was getting quite a deal from my other groomer. They do definitely need a bigger place, it is extremely tight in the drop off/pick up area by the front door. Pretty much enough room for one client at a time. Grooming area is ok size and appeared clean. I have my second appt. set up to bring the cocker again and my other dog so it's defintely worth trying again.


    Very caring staff, Owner is very experienced with Cocker Spaniels


    Very small, tight space (especially the entrance/counter area)