Dapper Dog Pet Grooming

1743 Railroad Street
Carnegie, PA 15106

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. My favorite dog grooming place!

    by: ginamintas

    I started taking my dog here a few years ago, after PetSmart gave me a bill for almost $80. I took him to the Dapper Dog and it was $40 for the same exact services. Since my dog has some health issues and he gets stressed out very easily, they even let me sit in the grooming room and keep him calm while they groomed him. 45 minutes later, he was done! They did a great job and it was stress free for my pooch.\n\nAnd they were even willing to help me shave my cat down when her mats got very bad. Most places won't have anything to do with cats. But Tammy was brave and we got my cat all cleaned up! \n\nI highly recommend the Dapper Dog.


    Half the price of PetSmart, they do a great job!



  • 2. best groomer around

    by: aimeec1

    Dapper Dog Pet Grooming is the best in town. They have no size limit (some groomers will only do small dogs) and the staff is so great. My dog Bernie hates his toenails clipped and other groomers could only get one or 2 clipped since he is such and escape artist, and when I wouldn pick him up he always looked so stressed. The staff at Dapper Dog always clips his nails and he never looks stressed out when I pick him up. They couldn't believe that other groomer couldn't clip his nails! They're prices are comparable to other groomers too. You won't be disappointed!


    great staff


    have to remember to call ahead cause they get busy