Danlyn Ranch Kennels

550 Thrall Road
Ellensburg, WA 98926

User Reviews (4)

  • 1. Good care, unattractive kennels

    by: funkiemunkee

    I boarded my dogs with this kennel previously. I was not overly impressed. Nothing I can out my finger on, as much as a general sense that bothered me. The dogs were in a smaller building from the main kennels as those were full for the holidays and my dogs are four and half pounds and fourteen pounds each. They were housed in smaller carrier type crates. I was a little worried about them being sort of small. I do feel the kennel owner is caring, and the dogs were fine, looked like they had been well taken care of. I was a little unimpressed by the cleanliness and upkeep of the of the parts of the kennel that I saw. There was old dirty carpet, lots of pet hair, and it did not have a clean smell. Again, it is nothing really concrete about the place that I can specify. I have no doubt that they provide perfectly adequate care. I just did not like the general feeling and have not used this kennel since. I have not used the grooming services at this business.


    good price for boarding animals


    could be neater, run down kennels

  • 2. Doggie Camp

    by: aglaya

    It has been some time, but we have boarded our dogs with Joyce. She is very caring and we were never concerned for their well being. We always call it doggie camp since they seemed to be so happy in her care. The kennels are outside on a concrete slab with a run in so I would be concerned about boarding house pets in the winter. The dogs always required a bath when we came home due to the urine odor on their coat. It was a small inconvenience for happy dogs as they were always smiling when we left and returned. We also attended one of Joyce's dog training classes. It was money well spent to train the owner how to train the dog!! She has beautiful German Shepards in her fenced yard that appear intimidating but are actually well trained and a good alarm system. If you are frightened of them, sit in your car as Joyce always comes right out.


    Loves dogs, knowledgeable



  • 3. boarding

    by: brunkd

    We have taken our dogs here a few times when we went on vacation. The owner took good care of them and said she played with them. She supplies food and treats for your animals. She had room when we needed it. The only hard part when you get there is that you can't know on her door because of her big dogs that run around in the yard. They are a little scary, so you have to hope that she hears you and comes outside.


    Room available


    Cement slabs (would be nice if they had a little grass area off the kennels)

  • 4. Family type Kennel

    by: thebillpayer

    We used this Kennel years ago for our animals. Our dogs were always very well taken care of as if they were theirs. The kennels were ok....the weather created a mess with the kennels....not sure it could have been avoided. There were a lot of dogs on sight so be prepared for this. Over all we were satisfied with the care our dogs received. I suggest a visit first.


    Very heart felt care


    Tons of dogs of sight