Dandie Scottie Kennel

1306 Central Avenue
Atlanta, GA 30344

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  • 1. Dandie Scottie Dog Death

    by: snicholson

    Dandie Scottie Kennel – DOG DEATH. This kennel is used as a third part vendor for Delta Airlines. I transported two dogs from the UK and both were kenneled overnight in Atlanta at this kennel. According to the owner both dogs arrives in a highly stressed and dehydrated state. Instead of calling a vet the owner decided to leave them unattended overnight from 10 pm to 4 am. Whilst the kennel was unattended one of my dogs died and the other left alone with him until next morning. Instead of calling a vet for the surviving dog, he was shipped onto Cincinnati where he arrived close to death. Luckily we had a vet waiting and after several days in hospital and many hundreds of dollars the dog survived. Why the owner decided not to call the vet on their arrival will remain a mystery but not to call one after a death and simply ship the other dog on is gross negligence. In anger, I asked the owner for suitable compensation but he refused to even take my call and got a lawyer involved. His derisory compensation offer was rejected. I hope that people who read this message make sure all customers of Dandie Scottie are aware of this incident as it clearly indicates an owner without the ability to help very sick dogs in need.




    dog died unattended