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  • 1. dog grooming-If Rating 5 is the WORST, then that is what I give this facility on every category.

    by: ztT4MP14615823

    I couldn't figure out whether 1 on your rating was the worst or if it was 5. So please ad my rating as the worst, dirty, and very unkind to the animals they serve & owners also. \r\nI didn't take pictures and I am very sorry that I didn't...\r\n\r\nEverything is done behind a closed door. The window to the groom area has either a sheet or black plastic over it. And you are not allowed back there.\r\n\r\nMy dog, a baby mini schauzer was left with razor cuts down her whole right side, razor cuts in the groin area, cuts on both ears and her tail still has a scar nearly 1 year later. All from 1 grooming.\r\n\r\nI called and left message after message and finally after 3 months I got an answer and the owner of the facility (which is out of their home in the basement) agreed to repay me. I didn't receive the check and called again... Oh, she said that she had forgotten but would get the check in the mail. well, I have never received the check.\r\n\r\nThe owners daughter who did the grooming denied cutting my pup at all.\r\n\r\n


    I have no pros!!


    They and the ratings listed below.