Curtain call grooming salon

2220 kensington ave
Buffalo, NY
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User Reviews (1)

  • 1. Great place for your pet

    by: jjansson

    From the moment you walk in the door, you know that the staff at Curtain Call love animals as much as you do. The resident Great Dane alerts the whole store that you've arrived. And a lounging cat or two might try to get some attention, as you walk by. Lyle and the entire staff are all so caring and gentle with their clients' animals. We've taken our Doberman there for bath/grooming for several years. He has a fear of water, even when it's not cold, and they always are very gentle in acclimating him to the tub. We were also surprised to see cats there for grooming, at times. When our outdoor cat got something on her coat that she was unable to groom out (tree sap??) we took her to Curtain Call for a shampoo/grooming session. They had her white coat clean and beautifully smooth by the time we picked her up. I highly recommend this groomer to anyone who might want special care for their pet--and don't we all feel that way?


    Very peronal attention.