Cumberland veterinary clinic sc

955 1st avenue
Cumberland, WI 54829
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User Reviews (5)

  • 1. Great Doctors !

    by: Meg2201

    I really think the Cumberland clinic has great doctors and staff that really care. I have only been with Dr. Ruppel and she is wonderful ! Very carring and will suggest products that she really believes in and not just because the clinc sells it.


    Very close to home and great doctors !


    My questions aren't always answered with confidence by the vet techs.

  • 2. Going to try it out

    by: charleshjr

    Close to where I live soI thinrya tk I will give it


    Close to home


    none yet

  • 3. Clean and Friendly

    by: rodeodeb

    I have visited the clinic with some questions and was meant with friendly and knowledgeable people, I have friends that take their animals here and are always praising the care their pets receive





  • 4. My experience with Cumberland Veterinary Clinic.

    by: polkaqueen

    I have been at this clinic 3 times now and will be going again sometime this fall. I fine the staff very kind and helpful. They answer any question I ask and listen to what I have to say. I had an hard time giving Leona her meds at first (she was neuter) after her surgery. On my own I learnt that if I let her smell the medicine and the syringe she let me put it in her mouth with out any hesitation. I would put her up on the counter and she would smell the medicine and open up her mouth. I thought that was so cool! And I related it to the girls at the clinic and they thought it was cool also. The clinic staff have been very good to me and my cat. Polkaqueen


    This was my second time at this veterinary clinic and I was very happy with the way I was greeted and how my pet was taken care of.


    The clinic didn't explained enough about my cats condition at the time.

  • 5. Hometown clinic

    by: MrsRLT

    We have been taking our pets here for years. The staff is wonderful. They are happy, willing to help, answer questions and very courteous. You get to know them on a personal basis. We have worked with many of the vets. Dr. Stone is our primary vet. He is well trained, willing to listen, great with the animals and compassionate. He has helped us with many issues with all our pets. When tough decisions had to be made, he was willing to help in many ways. He has even come to our farm when we had to put a few pets to sleep.\nCosts are comparable to other facilities.\nThe facility is clean, they can perform quite a bit of lab work there.\nThey have a nice little area outside.\nThe only thing that I would like to see changed is that there are more horse vets. It is hard to find someone in this rural area that is a primary horse vet. Dr. West is covering that now and he does well.\nOverall, I am very happy with this clinic and will continue to bring our pets there.


    great people, nice clinic


    need more horse vets