Crow River Veterinary Hospital PA

271 3rd Avenue Northwest
Hutchinson, MN 55350

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Hmm..

    by: AnimalLover212

    We brought one of our chihuahuas to get neutered here a few years ago, and the vet told us he was too small to operate on, and that we would have to wait until after he was 6 months old... and the day he hit 6 months he started to lift his leg to go to the bathroom... and we have had the problem ever since. When he did do the surgery, we brought him home and he was MISERABLE!! He was shaking, and you could see his heart beating out of his chest from across the room!! And when he had to go to the bathroom, he couldn't hold it at all. Then we switched to Haugo vet clinic in Litchfield, MN, and brought our even smaller female chihuahua to go get spayed, and they did it great. She was happy, and she came out of the anesthesia just fine. She wasn't sick and she recovered very quickly.


    Clean, nice, knowledgeable, payments not upfront



  • 2. Not for me

    by: sweetpickles

    Last time I was here the vet was still using injectable anesthesia and non dissolving stitches.




    out of date