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  • 1. Great vet!

    by: bunnydude

    Our rabbits have had great experiences with Dr. Keon and Dr. Mackensen. In addition to being knowlegeable and caring, they are always willing to answer any questions that we may have. They definitely know a lot about rabbit medicine and rabbit care.\n\nRecently, one of our rabbits became very ill and required hospitalization at Critter Repair (aka Animal Hospital of Warwick). Dr. Mackensen saw him first thing in the morning and ran several diagnostic tests, including blood work and x-rays. She was able to diagnose and treat both the GI stasis and the respiratory infection with gut motility drugs, antibiotics, and supportive care. Two days later, he saw Dr. Keon for a check-up and received more sub-q fluids. He could easily have passed away, so I credit the amazing staff at Critter Repair with saving his life. \n\nThe vet techs are also very friendly and know how to properly handle rabbits. Whenever we have a quick question, we can often have it answered by one of the techs over the phone. If they cannot answer the question, they will refer it to one of the doctors. Often, we'll get a call back in a matter of hours. Many of the techs have been there since we first visited the office 2 1/2 years ago and know our rabbits by name. Just like the doctors, they genuinely care about the health of our pets. \n


    Friendly, knowledgeable, and caring staff