Critter castle pet grooming

4122 deltona blvd
Spring hill, FL
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User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Cookie loves Critter Castle

    by: lucille113

    Cookie just loves to go to Critter Castle for his grooming. He comes home looking so spiffy and so proud of how he looks. He loves the place so much that when I drive him there he can't wait to get out of the car. They make him feel so special. They all greet him and he can't wait to go through the gate to where they and all the dogs are. He hasn't been able to go recently due to an operation he had on his leg, but he will be back soon.


    Takes all the time needed to groom


    none that I could think of

  • 2. Simply AWESOME!

    by: nanettejw

    The people at Critter Castle are simply AWESOME! They truly care about the animals they care for. We have an older dog, Tiffany with cancer all over her body and they take extra care with her. I love the tender love & care they extend to the pets in their care.\nAlso, they have helped me with many of the dogs I have rescued. They have extended free baths and flea dips... Talk about going above and beyond!


    They truly care about the animals they groom


    They don't get enough credit