Cozy noses bed & breakfast for pets

1535 locust avenue
Bohemia, NY 11716
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User Reviews (3)

  • 1. Good reviews are deceiving

    by: alexandria1

    We heard and read great things about this placed. I even drove by there myself to check it out. Unfortunately when I picked up my french bulldog puppy, she was filthy. She stayed for 7 days for $30 a night and the bath was an additional $30. For how much I spent it should have been included, I was told if she was peed on she would get a bath so I figured I would bath her at home to save some money. When I showed up she recked of urine, her ears were filthy, her nose covered in dried stuff, her privates were dirty and her tear ducts were never wiped. This left dried tears/eye boogers to clump and mat in her fur. I called frequently to check on her and was told one of the employees has a french bulldog as well and my puppy was getting a lot of attention. If that is the case then she should know about the results of not cleaning the wrinkles on the face and why did no one think to wipe away any dirt that may cause irritation or bacterial infection. My puppy was so hyper, I figured it was all the excitement. It took three walks and running with her to get her to calm down. This makes me worry that she was kept in a pen all day. It was a nice day out, no coat required weather. I can't prove it but she is only like this after being left inside all day with brief walks to do her business. Its a shame we got her in such a poor condition and the only curtsy was to spritz her with a substance to mask the scent. I recommend using this place for very short periods of time and if you can afford the additional cost of getting a bath. Other than that, the staff is very friendly but after my experience they are borderline lazy and incompetent.


    Clean facility, indoor/outdoor run


    dog maintenance/cleanliness

  • 2. Nice Place to Board Your Dogs

    by: wendy11741

    I have boarded my dogs here a number of times. There is a doggy day care you can pay for by the hour. The dogs seem to be well taken care of. The boarding and day care playing costs are high, especially when you have more than one dog! Drop-off and pick up times should be expanded.


    Convenient Location


    Boarding costs are high

  • 3. Safe Place to Board you Dog

    by: lexismom25

    Cozy Noses was rated the best by News 12. As a customer, they took me on a tour to see where my dogs would be staying. The place was spotless.\n\nThey even have a doggie camp/daycare. I have not tried this yet, but the area was clean and well maintained.


    very clean


    limited "check in" times