Cozy Inn Pet Resort

405 Hauger Hood Rd
Stahlstown, PA

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Great Pet Spa

    by: jec199

    Wonderful place that takes great care of your pets, the cost is a little high for some people but it is worth every penny for the treatment that your pet gets. \r\n\r\nIn reality the cost is cheap, see how other places just lock you pet in a cage for just a little less. The Cozy Inn will take you pet on a field trip to run in the field, or take them swimming or get a message. Not many kennels take that kind of care.\r\n


    Loving Caring People



  • 2. Super place

    by: sbraun

    This place is the greatest. I first took my dog there about 10 years ago. She is very shy and most of the time won't eat when I'm not home. They gave her cottage cheese with her dog food to encourage her. They give them a bath and put a cute scarf on them before you come to pick them up. They have a fenced in dog park area for them, a swimming pool, and some kennels have beds. They play music and have TV's. There is closed cirsuit TV so they can watch them when no one is there. This is the first kennel but they built another in Plum a few years ago. My dog goes there yearly and I will not take her anywhere else to stay. They are wonderful with her. When I start to wonder if she is doing well I can jsut call and talk to someone and they will give me a report. You can even send a camera and they will take pictures of your dog on "vacation". They are the best.