Covered Bridge Boarding Kennel

53 Tollhouse Rd
Oley, PA

User Reviews (3)

  • 1. A nice place in a nice location

    by: MotherEsetter

    We have boarded a few rescue dogs at this facility and they are very nice and very accessable!


    Nice large area for exercise



  • 2. Great Kennel - Probably Best in Southern Berks

    by: joshman1989

    The Covered Bridge Boarding Kennel has excellent service. The staff not only watching your dog(s), but will also groom the dog(s) and give the dog(s) baths. For my family, our dog gave us a hard time when it came to baths, as it is for many dog owners. This kennel is able to bathe your dog and trim its nails. Also, the prices are very reasonable for the dog sitting and the grooming. My dog loved being at this kennel when I was away on vacation, and never gave the staff a hard time. The staff even gives the dog a present for good behavior. My dog was given an American flag bandana worn around her neck.


    Have there own groomers and vast land for animals


    Not easy to navigate to

  • 3. Good Kennel

    by: animallover5

    This is a nice kennel. The people are kind and knowledgeable. The place is clean and it is in a cool location. My dog stayed here once and enjoyed it from what I could see.


    Clean, kind, and knowledgeable staff


    Not in public sight