County of waukesha dept of parks & land use: minooka park

1927 e sunset dr
Waukesha, WI 53146

User Reviews (4)

  • 1. Quality Dog Park

    by: kbehrendt

    I think the only thing I don't like about this dog park is how far back in the park they put it... To park your car at Minooka you have to pay the daily fee, so we park outside and walk all the way in and up the road to the dog park. Really a minor complaint though, I really like the area, a little smaller than other parks, and more open and flat than wooded with trails, but definitely great for running and socializing


    Room to run and swim


    Pay to park

  • 2. Great place for Dogs to exercise and socialize

    by: deewie

    This is a great place to let your dogs get ecercise safely. A large fenced in area for larger dogs (or if owners have socialized their smaller breeds to like larger dogs) and a smaller fenced in area for smaller dogs( Who don't want to brave the larger dog side), Usually poop bags provided at main entrance also water is usually available. A great place for your dog to socialize with other dogs. While your dog gets his/her exercise, so do you while you watch your dog run and enjoy the day. You can also socialize with other dog owners and learn about other breeds or more about your own breed of dog. For residents of Waukesha Co., the annual fee is $25.oo Which is reasonably priced. We love to bring our 2 siberian huskies to the dog park, they both know when we are going snd get very excited the closer we get...


    Fenced /large area to let loose/yearly pass $25.00/great to socialize the dogs


    very muddy after rain/Some people don't watch their dogs

  • 3. Nice place

    by: ClaireThomas

    We took Kia here a couple of times and she enjoyed. I agree that there can be too many unsupervised kids. Something Kia didn't mind, but I did.


    Has seperate sections


    sometimes too many kids

  • 4. Great Doggie Hangout!

    by: ajln40

    This dog park is all fenced in and has 2 sections: one for little dogs with a height cut off and one for big dogs and insane little dogs. People are usually pretty good there and follow the rules overall. Some times parents do not watch their kids and the kids maul each dog they can get their hands on, but otherwise it is a great place.


    seperated big/little dog sections, clean, spacious, fenced in


    pay admission to park