Countryside animal clinic: swanson r a dvm

565 e saint charles rd
Carol stream, IL 60128

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  • 1. A vet who cares about animals

    by: kavykeeper

    This is the vet I used when I first moved into my home 17 years ago. I had occasions where my guinea pigs developed minor illnesses. They always scheduled me in and I appreciated their warm greetings when I arrived. One of my guinea pigs developed an upper respiratory infection. I don't recall what medication he prescribed, but he gave me syringes filled with medication and taught me how to inject the guinea pig so I wouldn't have to bring him back for multiple visits. The guinea pig recovered. Later, when calling for an appointment for a guinea pig with stones, they referred me to a different clinic. I appreciated their honesty about the level of care they were able to offer someone with an exotic pet. For that reason, I would really recommend this vet for someone who has dogs or cats that I know they treat. A vet who cares about animals.


    Compassionate, animals treated with care


    can't treat all exotic pet illnesses