Country Ridge Animal Hospital

31178 Haggerty Road
Farmington Hills, MI 48331

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  • 1. Horrible! Beware!

    by: Natisha702

    My dog was a patient here (Country Ridge- owned by this doctor, along with Village, also owned by him) for 7 years. I can honestly say I have spent over $10,000 on his treatments there. Took him in one day, and got home...1/2 hour later, he was bleeding from his rectum. I called the vet immediately (was just there and paid $155), and it was 2 minutes before 6. They close at 6pm. The vet had left, and when I asked the nurse if she could please just call my vet and see if I should take him to ER, she said that this was the vet's personal time, and she didn't want to bother her. I found a new vet, and went to pick up the file. The owner told me that they have a right not to give me any.all parts of my file. After 1 hour of demanding my file, I got some of it. They had ignored a 3/6 heart murmur that a specialaist had found in January (faxed over to them and put in my file without reading). Despite the many times I have been there since, only found it 10 months later, and now my dog's condition is moderate..haven't even finished going through the file. One doctor also misdiagnosed a spinal issue, putting my dog through tons of tests, and telling me that he may never walk again. After a ton of money later, he told told me outright that he messed up. They did fire him though. BAD


    On-time; multiple locations


    Everything else