Country Pines Grooming & Brdng

623 N Adams St.
Kewanee, IL

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  • 1. Great place to take your pet!

    by: sallygrace

    Several years ago (12 to be exact) I bought, as a gift for my husband, what was supposed to have been a purebred toy poodle. I had no experience with this breed of dog but my husband's parents had bred and raised toy poodles at one time and he had always wanted one. After he was in a horrible car accident that left him unable to walk for several months I decided to buy him his dream dog as a surprise. After I brought her home my husband told me she wasn't a purebred. I talked to the people who sold her to me and they assured me she was. I took her to the woman who runs Country Pines and Grooming (she didn't have this business at this time) to have my dog groomed and asked her what her opinion was. She said my dog had poodle in her, but was definetly NOT a pure bred. I decided to take the people to court. Not so much to get my money back but to let these people know they couldn't get away with decieving people like that. I told the judge that if I could get my money back that was great, but I would rather keep my dog. Bonnie was kind enough to write a letter for me to take to the judge. I thought that was so nice of her to do that for a total stranger and I'll never forget her act of kindness. Incidentally, I won my case! Got my money back AND got to keep my precious baby!!!


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