Country kitty cat kennel

23150 ne dayton avenue
Newberg, OR 97132
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User Reviews (4)

  • 1. ok

    by: Alliecat123

    just ok


    it's ok



  • 2. great service

    by: KatRas

    What a great service - leaving cats home alone isn't always possible or sane.


    great service



  • 3. I have heard very good things

    by: danielai

    At our vet clinic we have several clients who take their cats here, and they just love it! The set-up is great--the cats get lots of room, and a lot of stimulation with some outside time too (in a safe way). If I didn't live so far away from Newberg, I would definitely consider taking my cats there when I am away.


    Great setup for cats away from home


    Out of the way location

  • 4. Awesome Setup

    by: maszoo

    I have never boarded my cats here but they are my neighbors and I have taken a tour. Their prices are reasonable and they can meet of any cat. It is in a separate house on it's own with one big room with many large kennels. They have condos with covered outside runs for the indoor/outdoor type. They also have large condos for family groups and smaller ones for single cats. Or for those who enjoy looking outside, they have condos with a window.\r\nI recomend that you plan ahead because they are very full during the holidays.\r\nWould not be the best for cats who do not like others. They do have access to their neighbors in ajoining kennels.


    Quiet, safe


    Limited room, in cages